December Quickie

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Well, it started off as a quickie! Listen to the show for details for details of what is going to happen to the podcast next year. Very exciting!

Also listen to the fantastic music from Sarah Fortsch – How This Stacks Up, Etao Shin – Kyarvaly, Mind Utopia – Force I Posses, Imperial Leisure – Animal, Anjana Vasal – Oh Sister, Nick Tann – Dont


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Nick Tann

Is This Thing On Music Podcast November

Nick Tann

Is This Thing On PodcastHi all and here we all are back again for another episode. Lots of things for you to give your opinion on but then you can hear that in the show eh?

So this episode we have music from Sour Kix – Bad Reputation, Maxta – King Dizzee, The Frankly’s – Keeper, Nick Tann Trio – Don’t, Anna NealE – False Consciousness, Lucy Kitchen – Searching For Land, White Ape – Eat More Meat, Fire on the Roof – Electric Sheep, ANewTa – Say One Thing, Glen Maltman- Man Made Storm.

If you’ve listened to the show then you know what to do. If you haven’t then you should.



Welcome to Autumn, chilly init?

Fortunately I have songs to warm the very cockles of your heart and ears.

Charley Stride – Different Stars, The Launchers – Dutty Mouth, Black Feathers – Arclight. Helgen AR Har – Korsbars Fettera,  Atari Pilot – Stay Yourself, Emily Wolfe – Lion Heart, Anna Neale – Listen, Nick Tann Trio – Safe Harbour


This is the poster for the live show at The Railway Winchester I mentioned just click it for more details


Is This Thing On Podcast what number is it?


Seriously though, does anyone know what number this one is?

Anyhoo a stunning collection f tracks this week that includes Fick as Fieves -English Weather, This Blue Falcon- Area 23, Grace Monroe – Paper Heart, Kingdom Of Reptiles – Blue Magic Gin, Nick Tann – Life is a River, Maude the Moth, Empires (live), New Psychopathic Romantics – Bread and Circuses.

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Nick Tann

Is This Thing On Podcast

The original pic

Nick Tann is This Thing On Music Podcast

Just thought I would jam in a show before the end of August and we fall into that slow decline in to Autumn…

Top tunes as per usual with the usual drivel in between…

The Moods – Profit over People, A Higher Demise – The End of Us, Jay Ebby East City Skies, Dru Yates ft Black Hebrew – Medication, obert J Huner – Way To Live, James Parkin – Lullaby. Nick Tann – 3am


Comments underneath as per usual people.


Nick Tann

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