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Hi Humans and welcome to this weeks tip top Independent Music podcast from me, good old Nick Tann.

This weeks wondrous playlist includes Ruby Confue – Babay, Runabay – Moon Turns Blue, Eyes Like The Sky – Dorsal Fin, Scorpio Loon _ Things I like To Do, a brand new track by me Nick Tann – Safe Harbour and a lost album track from  People – Jackie Who.


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Track Review: Everyone’s Problem, No One’s Problem by Chalk

Another great track review from Te Hao Boon. This time it is for Chalk – Everybody’s Problem, No One’s Problem  Is This Thing On Podcast PURPLE

Ah… Good ol’ capitalism. Something so ingrained in everyone’s psyche. In 2005, an economist/psychologist duo from Yale managed to teach seven capuchin monkeys how to use money. The reason they choose capuchin monkeys is simple: They are selfish creatures. They would rather eat more than they can, puke, and eat the remaining food than give it to another monkey that might be starving.

What do you guys think the monkeys would use the money for? Food, shelter, friendship? Nope, they just use the money for sex. And why would the female monkey need money anyway, you might ask? Well, to buy themselves some grapes, of course!

With materialism taking centrestage in urban society, there are now programs created to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Programs that force you to drop everything you have: Your work, your smartphone, your laptop, even your car and just enjoy nature for a week or two (for the low price of $199.95!).

How many people can actually drop all that we have a go at a non-materialistic life? I know I can’t, I wouldn’t be able here sitting on my bum typing this review on my desktop otherwise. I am a “gutless shit” as mentioned in the song.

Brighton singer-songwriter Chalk‘s Everyone’s Problem, No One’s Problem sounds like a lovechild of Modest Mouse and The Paper Chase: Lo-fi grungy sounds with a tinge of hollowness throughout the song. The protagonist calls himself a “man of money” and he is nothing else really. He doesn’t have any hopes and dreams of his own; he just buys them from others with the money he has.

The protagonist knows he is working under the system but he is not questioning if the system could be changed since he was brought up in it. In fact, he has even started to think intangible things like dreams and hopes can be bought with paper money.

Lets all not be so materialistic for once. After all, everyone is going 6 feet under at the end of the day. Money only means so much.

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Hi there independent music fans,it’s me that Nick Tann off of the internet! This week I bring you songs from around the world!

Luna Rosa – Spread Your Ashes Anywhere But Here, Ummagma – Lama, Yaw Prana – Well Tanna, Chris Angel – Little Bird ft Amanda Cottreau, Chalk – Everyone’s Problem, No Ones Problem, Marvin B Naylor – I Am A Summer Night, Nick Tann – How Can It Be Wrong?

Click here to read Hao Boon’s great review of Eyes Like The Sky – Haven’t Seen A Frog that was played on last weeks show 


Is This Thing On Podcast

Track Review: Haven’t Seen A Frog by Eyes Like The Sky

Over the past few months I have had a few people who have contacted me regarding writing reviews for some of the tracks on the podcast. Hao Boon emailed me last week expressing an interest. This is his first review and, hopefully, the first of many. I love his writing and look forward to reading more as well as finding out a little more about this truly creative individual. I hope you enjoy this and also support “Eyes Like The Sky” as well as all the other independent artists I feature. Anyway….on with the review.



When I was young, my mom would have potted plants on the corridors. As a kid, it was a privilege to be given the water spray; to be given all that responsibility at the age of 6. It was probably a funny sight for my mom, seeing this pudgy little boy waddling with the water spray.

While spraying water at the various potted plants and herbs, I could occasionally see a ladybug resting on one of the leaves. Despite the scorching heat, I would just stand in front of it, this little boy staring at this little critter. When I man up, I would place my stubby little finger in front of it in anticipation that this beautiful insect might just climb up on it and be acquainted with the 6-year-old me for a mere minute.

It is the beautiful Eco-cycle, the boy and sun giving nutrients to the plant, the plant giving food to the ladybugs and the dead ladybugs returning favours, becoming nutrients back to the plant that fed them.

Nowadays, ladybugs are becoming a rare sight, just like the singer sang “I haven’t seen a frog in years.” I haven’t seen a ladybug in years. Could it be that I am too busy with my adult life that I forgot how to just relax and look at the nature around me?

Eyes Like The Sky is a solo folk project by Rob Holt, a brilliant singer-songwriter from Southampton. This is his first solo project; his previous projects include Frisbee in the Jewel Box and grunge band Faceful of Flames.

This beautiful song is so child-like. The little boy catching frogs and putting them in the sandpit. Him and his sister would climb up a tree and sing and do absurd stuff like interviewing the stars above their heads (to the dismay of their neighbours).  These are things we can relate to, things we would do when we were young and had nothing to lose. We aren’t doing things to annoy people, we were simply being kids: new to this world and everything around us is so strange and alluring.

As we grow up, fear starts to get to us, the fear of rejection. But all in all, there will always be simple pleasures in our lives (like getting someone to scratch that itch at your back which you just can’t seem to reach) that make life interesting and worthwhile.

This song is available on his new album Nylon Songs, so do support by buying a physical copy from him!

“But still it’s great to be alive, even though you might have it some other way”

Haven’t Seen A Frog  was featured in Is This Thing On Podcast Green click here to listen to the full episode



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Morning Neverland people…. No, I don’t know either….

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This week, as well as giving advice to prospective musicians, I play some great tunes!

Deepshade – Tattoo, Rat Faced Lewey – Dead in the Ground, Eyes Like The Sky – Haven’t Seen a Frog, Paul Liddell – The Ides of May


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Yes, BLUE, having dispensed with episode numbers I am shifting to colours.

In this weeks ranty, sweary episode I play a new song from Grant Sharkeys new album Hello Goon, The Travis Waltons –  The Antagonist, Paul Liddell – Brighter Lights, The Bombs – Howl, an oldie from me good old Nick Tann and a great tune Digress from Fur Cough.

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Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast MAY

the-empire-strikes-back-luke-skywalker-and-yodaHello gorgeous people, Nick Tann here with a short yet incredibly sweet collection of yummy independent music sent to me from across the globe

Bombs – This Is My Party, Bela Takes Chase – Collide, Iris – Candle, Nick Tann – Don’t (demo), Hildur Hoglind – Seize the Day and that’s it!

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