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Back with a vengeance this week kids, nice long show and a new feature. Whatever next!

In this weeks show you can hear Dazie Mae – Sofa, The Creeping Ivies – The Witch House, The Buzzard Orchestral – One Stone, Nick Tann – Never Did You Harm, Marvin B Naylor – Brief Encounter, Dah Rhy Gah Moor – Right Swipe, Ollie Goodwin – Painted Black finishing off with the  band interview with White Ape followed by their track Game of Soldiers.


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Hello my lovelies, this week my playlist looks like this Lake of Kings – Locus, The Fierce and the Dead – Magnet in your Face, The Sun and the Stars – Shimmering Light, Foxthroat – Reason to Survive, Vernon’s Friends – Chasing Rainbows , Nick Tann – Love Lies

Is This Thing On Podcast

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Hey now! Listen to this You can hear Rocket Van – 15 minutes, The Beautiful Game – King William, James Bartholomew – Far Away, The Vast Alps – Vanity, The Fierce and The Dead – On VHS, Nick Tann – Dream
You know it makes sense!

Track Review: This Dumb Machine by Zvilnik

Since I was young, I had CRT instead of flatscreen LCD TV for the longest time (My family just got its first flatscreen this year, the HD was overwhelming at the beginning). We would usually find sub-par CRTs dumped by families who have moved on to flatscreens and hook them up. Many times the old TV will be faulty: Blurry images, colour flickers, or it would simply not turn on at all. Disappointed, we would lug the TV back to the back of our flat. Sometimes, we would be lucky enough to find a TV that is in working condition and that would be our entertainment system for the next few years. Sometimes the TV will have a line on the screen or something else and my family would start SLAPPING the top of the TV and presto, it is fixed!

That was the imagery this song brought to me. The light static at the background, how the guitar and bass’ riff went head-to-head with each other at the beginning, and the panic-stricken singing at the beginning gives you the vibe of a family man scratching his scalp trying to fix his new computer, and clearly failing at it. I especially love how the machine is constantly being noted as a “dumb machine”. It “cost more than your education” yet you are the one servicing it, or at least failing terribly at doing so.

Isn’t it funny how we think we are a Macgyver just because we have a screwdriver? Many times we pretend to know what we are doing, and end up with a broken motherboard or a chipped screen.

Perhaps we should leave these to the professionals.


Zvilnik is a Preston band with math-rock and punk tendencies (and a really fun vibe!) and “This Dumb Machine” is a song from their latest album Sparkle Motion, available on bandcamp now! This track was played on Is This Thing on Podcast episode MAGENTA. Click here to listen 


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Is This Thing On Podcast


Greetings fellow humans and what a show I have for you this week!

Thanks to a minor rant on Facebook I now have a plethora of great music to chose from for this weeks show.

Tracks that made it into this weeks show are

Dan O’Farrell –  Your Facebook Feed Is Not the World, Brocken Links – Submission, Charlie Leavy – The Way Life Is, Nick Tann – Didn’t mean to do you Harm, With Ghosts – Sorry, I’m Not Sorry, Zvilnik – This Dumb Machine, Old Bohemia – Star Fish.

I play tunes, I rant, thats the way life is. Tune in next week or even better, subscribe!

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Is This Thing On Podcast

Hi Humans and welcome to this weeks tip top Independent Music podcast from me, good old Nick Tann.

This weeks wondrous playlist includes Ruby Confue – Babay, Runabay – Moon Turns Blue, Eyes Like The Sky – Dorsal Fin, Scorpio Loon _ Things I like To Do, a brand new track by me Nick Tann – Safe Harbour and a lost album track from  People – Jackie Who.


If you have any ideas as to questions I can ask artists in the new “Who The Hell Are You?” feature, then please use the contact form below.

See you soon!

Track Review: Everyone’s Problem, No One’s Problem by Chalk

Another great track review from Te Hao Boon. This time it is for Chalk – Everybody’s Problem, No One’s Problem  Is This Thing On Podcast PURPLE

Ah… Good ol’ capitalism. Something so ingrained in everyone’s psyche. In 2005, an economist/psychologist duo from Yale managed to teach seven capuchin monkeys how to use money. The reason they choose capuchin monkeys is simple: They are selfish creatures. They would rather eat more than they can, puke, and eat the remaining food than give it to another monkey that might be starving.

What do you guys think the monkeys would use the money for? Food, shelter, friendship? Nope, they just use the money for sex. And why would the female monkey need money anyway, you might ask? Well, to buy themselves some grapes, of course!

With materialism taking centrestage in urban society, there are now programs created to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Programs that force you to drop everything you have: Your work, your smartphone, your laptop, even your car and just enjoy nature for a week or two (for the low price of $199.95!).

How many people can actually drop all that we have a go at a non-materialistic life? I know I can’t, I wouldn’t be able here sitting on my bum typing this review on my desktop otherwise. I am a “gutless shit” as mentioned in the song.

Brighton singer-songwriter Chalk‘s Everyone’s Problem, No One’s Problem sounds like a lovechild of Modest Mouse and The Paper Chase: Lo-fi grungy sounds with a tinge of hollowness throughout the song. The protagonist calls himself a “man of money” and he is nothing else really. He doesn’t have any hopes and dreams of his own; he just buys them from others with the money he has.

The protagonist knows he is working under the system but he is not questioning if the system could be changed since he was brought up in it. In fact, he has even started to think intangible things like dreams and hopes can be bought with paper money.

Lets all not be so materialistic for once. After all, everyone is going 6 feet under at the end of the day. Money only means so much.

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