Is This Thing On Podcast 18

Not sure how I finished it in time but I did, just!

This week I bought you (in no particular order) Menn Arsens, Amaya Huntley, Kidd Russell, Tom Bishel, Jouis and ME!
A very funny new song review feature with Swineshead and Napoleon from Watch With Mothers (click their button on the right) a hastily edited chat with Matt Stevens about the delights of Soundcloud and Dropbox and an invitation for you to come up with a decent First Fifteen jungle the winner this week (or is it last week?) being the great Matt Taylor whose track “Fat Tuesdays Blue” I played in full at the end of the cast.

A little later than planned due to technical reasons, no really!


  1. Siggidóri says:

    Great! Fantastic to hear "Running a Motorway" with Menn Arsins 🙂

    Great job as usual!

  2. Nick Tann says:

    I think that would make a great Eurovision song

  3. Menn Ársins says:

    Thanks Nick! … Don't know about the ESC factor though! 😀

  4. Sunna says:

    Nice to hear two bands from Iceland in one show. Good job!

  5. Nick Tann says:

    So that's all the Icelandic bands huh?

  6. Scott McLemore says:

    Is that a washboard in the background in your picture? If so, are you into zydego or just not into better living through technology?

  7. Nick Tann says:

    Well spotted Scott!
    I'm not into Zydeco as such. I actually use it for playing along to French Gypsey Jazz ala' Django Reinhart…

  8. Matt Stevens says:

    As in Where's me washboard misses?

  9. Matt Stevens says:

    Like that vistors track mate