Is This Thing On Podcast 34

In a hastily put together podcast I played the marvelous

Matt Blake, the sublime Real Raj, the perfectly formed

King Never, The wild Will Kriski, the slightly quirky

Tom Slatter, the cruel but fair Haunted Stereo,

the never knowingly undersold Gideon’s Demise and the often

free Matt Stevens.I finished things off with an odd little song

that I hope will feature in a competition I am planning. More about that next week.

I also mentioned Pure Acoustica and Watch With Mothers.




  1. Andre Donawa says:

    Hey Nick,

    Great show.
    Enjoyed that.


  2. Nick Tann says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed it Andre. Thanks.

  3. James Corachea says:

    That rough song at the end of yours was pure marketable gold! However, I do agree with you it isn't perhaps the sort of music you want to be associated with. If one of the American or Canadian bands took it up they'd be bound to go places with it.

  4. Nick Tann says:

    Thats what I thought James. Perhaps it could be next years Eurovision hit?
    Have you got any tunes you want to send me? Would be nice…

  5. Will Kriski says:

    Thanks Nick. Metal!

  6. Andy says:

    Hi Nick,

    it is great to know someone like you care about indie artists… We wish you millions of fans of your super podcast show. Andy