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Is This Thing On Podcast 45

In an ale fueled, jump around type podcast I featured the great sounds of The Rebs, Postcode, Burglars of the Heart click here for their Bandcamp site, Toby Duckett and  you can buy his track here , Fez and you can download their album here, Lost in Wonderland, The Cherry Bluestorms, Shinsei Kamattechan and a tune by me called Life is a River which you can buy on iTunes by clicking on this little black itunes button  Life

I think I just about got away with it!


  1. Loving the sound of the rebs… nice fresh sounding track there and man your making me thirsty talking about the beer 🙂 … good listening while working away on the computer and man… myspace sucks for sure… but still a lot of people still request the bloody thing… quality of sound is hopeless for a start and id love to rant on about it but unfortunately artists are still having to have a page up on there for certain venues and other requirements.. keep up the good work nick!