Is This Thing On Podcast 73

In this weeks podcast Paul and I interview The Rising who also play a cracking acoustic track!  I also play Faux Disco Club ~ Recovery, Bang Bangs ~ In Arms, PostCode ~ Drop Dead, Planes Over Paris ~ Signs, an exclusive track from The Lost Boys ~ Crazy Weekend, Paul eventually sent me a Dan Sheers & The Velveteen Orkestra ~ City of Dreadful Night, Camp Out ~ Made My Self Sick, Marvin B Naylor ~ Boy Became a Man and a frankly dodgy track by me. It seemed like a good idea at the time!!! Some nice new jingles by The Posh Bird…very nice!

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  1. Marvin B. Naylor says:

    I don’t think that one of yours is dodgy at all, I think it’s probably your best one! What is “Wahoo”, by the way. The Lost Boys one sounds great – not my type of thing, but it “sounds” really good. Who’s the Posh Bird?

  2. Nick Tann says:

    Thanks Marvin, you get it!
    I can’t tell you who the posh bird is…you can find out though….

  3. jack reynolds says:

    The Lost Boys are brilliant! they are clearly the best thing going in your local music scene down south! keep playing them, and i’ll keep listening, rock on nick! peace xox