Is This Thing On Podcast 93

The Rising ~ Thinktank, Isla ~ Love Like That, Jonathan Whiskerd ~ Life Line, KTS ~ Inside Out, Wax Ersatz ~  Out In The Cold, Juana Ghani ~ Breathing, Macdaddy ~ Hurry Hurry and a summer instrumental track from me Dream…

That nice Mr Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox came along and talked about Defy 4.

I played a jingle advertising  the mighty  Movie Meltdown

I reminisced about some of the old features and other such malarky….


  1. Emma Minihan says:

    Liking the Podcast! I’ve actually seen Isla before, was cool to hear them in a Podcast. definitely a Soprano Saxophone solo there 🙂 Yorkshire girls, lovely group!

    1. Nick Tann says:

      You think? A great track too.

  2. Greg says:

    Love the sax part