Is This Thing On? Podcast 103

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

Nice and early this week and some amazing tunes. In no particular order Salwa Azar ~ White Horse, Bus Stop Dreams ~ The Big One, By The River _ One Word, Marvin B Naylor – Carousel, Lite ~ Image Game(UK TOUR DATES!!), Stereo Sound Future ( NOT FUNK AS I SAID IN THE PODCAST) ~ If I…., Allen Wentz ~ Ernies, Peter Doran ~ Eternity and a frankly badly cobbled together mix of Treat Me Mean for more info on this track just click here.

Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox talked as did Dave Miles from A Cup of Tea and a Piece of Cake and what fun we had.

Pip Pip!!


  1. Dean Enquist says:

    The Big One, a GREAT song.

  2. Marvin B Naylor says:

    I like the Bo Diddley thing going on in Treat Me Mean, and the first song and also the Salwa Azar one – guitars and mandolins always sound good together.