Is This Thing On? Podcast 106

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

A bumper crop of fine music this week featuring in no particular order Clara Barker ~ With You, Owen Hackett ~ Come Back To me, Son of Eagle ~ Another Song, White Bone Rattle ~ The Feryman, The Scene Continental ~ Stranger, Black Mamba ~ To Be Honest, Leibowitz ~ So Fla So Good, Isaw ~ Massimo, Tragic O’Hara, Big Block 454 ~ Pyjamagedon, Ex Libras ~ Teenage Eyes, Drunk On Logic ~ Subcontinental Travelsick Blues and a nice little instrumental from me.

Dave Miles from A Cup Of Tea and a Piece of Cake came and talked about …….

This is the last podcast for a while as I am taking a short break.

The next podcast should go live on the 4th December. In the meantime why not catch up with some of the old podcasts? They’re all here….


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  2. Colin says:

    I’m totally with you on how vapid it is to Like a Facebook page. I admit I’m not likely to fully subscribe myself to Is This Thing On?, but I’ll be visiting the website occasionally.

    1. Nick Tann says:

      Thanks for your opinion. It’s nice to see you. The website will have some new and exciting features in the next few week so don’t be a stranger eh?

  3. Ell says:

    loving Owen Hackett’s track, brillinat up coming singer/songwrighter right there!