Is This Thing On Podcast 131

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

Is This Thing On Podcast

In a packed episode this week I play some of the best tracks on the planet from soem amazing independent artists. In no particular order Crash and The Coots ~ Don’t Have Any Legs, Indigo Earth ~ Wise Man, Sam Page ~ Lottery, Meniscus ~ Fight Club, Steve Swindells ~ A Place Of Angels, One Cat Broke ~ Crazy (inout), Honeybadger ~ We Can Breathe, Tzuriel Kastel ~ Reach Out, Emily Wolfe ~ Lion Heart, Emily Wolfe ~ Heavy, Catfish and the Bottlemen ~ Sidewinder,   Catscans ~ The Choeung Ek Memorial (Killing Fileds), The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Fear of Gravity (Alt version) and a demo track of mine called Don’t.

I mentioned the LIVE EUROVISION BLOG that I will be hosting HERE there is a Facebook event for it HERE 


Pip Pip!!


  1. Benjamin Osborn says:


    Yes I do enjoy listening and I also share your site as often as I can.

    Oh and its Gillette, Wyoming, “Energy Capital of the Nation”. We have coal, oil, and natural gas. I work for a company in the oilfield and only recently started driving more which allows me more time to listen… and that’s good for you. :p

    This weeks purchase also included your “Bought On​-​Line” album, “this Thing is on compilation” and “The Glass Child”


    1. Nick Tann says:

      Thanks Ben, I forgot to send ?This TYhing is On! Will do today!!

  2. Nigel Mines says:

    Another great podcast, Nick, thanks for the play (OneCatBroke)

  3. Simon says:

    Hi Nick,

    I had to rewind and turn up the volume for the excellent Fight Club by Meniscus – a great track – thanks for including it.


  4. Pete Harris says:

    Very much like the podcast and the music. Also a recent fan of Emily Wolfe. Yep, the mp3s you have are not from the album. Live maybe. Not seen Eurovision since ABBA won.

    1. Nick Tann says:

      Emily sent me her album a few days ago as what she sent me were the demos that she sent to the studio ahead of her session. The finished tracks sound great but the demos still have a certain charm..

  5. Zach Gunn says:

    Another recent fan of Emily Wolfe, chiming in to say I’m listening! I’m so glad you enjoy her music as much as you do, because 1) I believe she deserves the recognition, and 2) I probably wouldn’t have found this podcast otherwise! Now I can’t get enough of both your accent and the wonderful music it introduces. Keep up the great work, you bet I’ll be listening!