Is This Thing On Podcast 144

Kate Middleton topless

Kate Middleton topless

Is This Thing On Podcast

Barely a word sung this week as I feature a prog and instrumental heavy episode with some folk and rap thrown in for good measure. I also encouraged you all to help me plug the new Is This Thing On Production which you can see details of hereĀ

In the meantime, in this weeks episode I play Kidd Russell ~ C-H-I, The Fierce and The Dead ~ 10×10, Killing No Murder ~ The Reality Star and the Model, Jeff Green ~ For The Future, Caroline’s Capuchin ~ Deepest Fall, Meniscus ~ Fight Club, Psudo Ambient ~ Duocement, Rainer Straschill ~ Fook You, Matt Stevens ~ Dolls House RMX Psudo, Eleven and the Falcons ~ Belles of London, Hot Vamp Club ~ Young Hearts Soft Shoes plus a track by my old band People with a track call One Giant Loop.

Remember to try and catch Matt Stevens and The Fierce and the Dead tour and goodbye!




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