Is This Thing On Podcast 146

Nick Tann best beard
Nick Tann best beard

Is This Thing On Podcast
In the best hour of your lives this week you can hear sounds from Stuart McNair ~ Whisky Train, Ashbury Keys ~ Oh My God, Vulva Underground ~ Fluid Thoughts, Norman Kelsey ~ So Sophisticated, No Snow No Alps ~ Luminaro, No Snow No Alps ~ Elizabeth I, Juana Ghani ~ Breathing, Captain Backfire ~ Dice Man, Russell Morgan ~ Surrender, Sand River ~ My Heart is an Open Book, Vulva Underground ~ Fluid Thoughts, Antoine Architeuthis ~ Seventeen, High and Low ~ She’s Gone as well as a live track from Sean McGowan taken from his Album that launches at The Joiner Southampton on the 10th November I THINK it is called Keep Us Out. I also played an exclusive new track never heard before called Coming Home.


I think that’s it….Laters!!


  1. Benjamin Osborn says:

    Nick! I finally have a moment to comment… Computer is still down and I haven’t been able to post. This podcast in my opinion is the best by far!!! I want… Scratch that… Need every artist on here. I have lost track of how many times I have listened…

    Your new song… Bloody brilliant.

    Soon I will be back online.


    1. Nick Tann says:

      Thanks Ben, nice to know folk are listening. Would appreciate a vote for the podcast awards..