Is This Thing On Podcast 150

Nick Tann RUNNING !!
Nick Tann RUNNING !!

Is This Thing On Podcast
Just made it over the hour this week, but that doesn’t mean I scrimped on the tunes, on no!

This week I played Tim Somerfield ~ There There My Dear, The Fierce and the Dead ~ 10 x 10, Ryan Peel ~ Call It As I See It , Peter Doran ~ Eternity, Lomozine ~ Tokyo, Antonia Vai ~ Russian Roulette, Twisted Piglet ~ Brighter on the Other Side, Jo Hamilton ~ Pick Me Up, The Tax ~ Young, empty and Broke, Julie Lamb ~ Clever Piece of Life, Zosh Cardo ~ Scent, Gums ~ A Long Walk In The Rain, Nick Tann ~ Don’t

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I also mentioned a radio interview that I did for WRCG radio  that may or may not be strictly legal to display…

All good, nothing bad. That’s me in my running gear by the way….