Is This Thing on Podcast 177


Thanks to my time traveling capabilities, I bring you the past NOW!

Playing great artists as usual including King Never ~ Push & Pull, Gifted Kings ~ Dead End Road, By The Rivers ~ Run Around, Gums ~ Luckless Days, Jon Gomm ~ Gloria, Helen Austin ~ Everybody, Salme Dahlstrom ~ Sexy Punk, Mak Wolven ~ Shadow On The Wall, Matt Blake ~ Died For A Night, Lucy Kitchen ~ Autumn, Anna Neale ~ Hungry Ghosts, Julie Lamb ~ Time Flies, Mamma’s Lips ~Take It Easy, Nick Tann ~ All I think About Is You.

I am languishing in a giant pool somewhere in Iceland. For details of my gig at the Ob.La.Di. Ob.La.Da. club in Reykjavik this Saturday click here 

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