Is This Thing On Podcast 196

Putiin poutin
Putiin poutin

Is This Thing On Podcast

After totting up all the date from last weeks episode, the results are that you are loving the shorter show so the shorter show you will have.


In this weeks little nugget of fun I bang on about funding my new album READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE as well as MY LIVE PERFORMANCE LIVE ON YOUR VERY OWN INTERNET THIS SUNDAY AT 8PM.

Oh there was also some excellent music from Ashbury Keys ~ Wake Up, Josephine and the Artizans ~ Lacrymosa, E- Mute ~ Across The Sea, Presley Johnson ~ Anita’s Last Dance, Bela Takes Chase ~ Compulsory Resolution, Soulfege ~ Easy Does It, Nick Tann ~ Don’t which is a demo of the track that I will be recording on my new fan funded album that I may or may not have mentioned. Did I mention it?