Is This Thing On Podcast 206

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Is This Thing On Podcast

Last podcast of the year and what a selection I have for you!

SRM ~ Iron Lung Blues, Nick Tann & Ben Perry ~ Full English Breakfast,  The Rising ~ My Small Faces and my Kinks CDs, Welcome Pariah ~ The Soldier, Phil the Tremelo King ~ You Aint No Hobo, Alex Bowron ~ Forces Struggle to hold back The Advance, The Real Raj ~ Safe and Sound, Lucy Kitchen ~ Tide, Helen Austin ~ I’m The Best Thing, Ben Perry ~ The Dangling Boobies of Judy Dench, Scott Turchin ~ Jah Creation, By The Rivers ~ Run Around, Karl and the Marx Brothers ~ Calvin’s Blues, Indigo Earth ~ Forces Shatter, Nick Tann ~ Can’t Stop Missing You, The Cherry Bluestorms A Kiss Away, Salme Dahlstrom ~ Sexy Punk, Gums ~ Apathy.

A show packed with top underground independent amazing music interlaced with your favourite jingles and stings. All you have to do is listen.