Is This Thing On Podcast 213

Is This Thing On Podcast
Hi all and welcome to another episode of possibly the best music podcast on the planet. This week I have a hidden theme to some of the songs I play. If you spot it then you can stroke your beard  (you do HAVE a beard don’t you?) and nod knowingly to yourself. BUT did you spot all of the tracks? There were 6 that shared something in common.

Anyhoo here is this weeks playlist in no particular order.

Termite ~ Each Tic A Toc, Pose Victorious ~ Try Harder, Coast ~ The Caller, Emily Wolfe ~ Swoon, Spatial Unity (Andy Murray, Andy Pearce) ~ Dreams Come True, Paul Eastham ~ Down in the Deep, Steve Picken ~ High Hopes, Half Hour Hotel ~ War Cry, Nick Tann ~ Parallel Lines, Fit and the Conniptions ~ Bush of Thorns.

As I mentioned, I will be spending the next week or so in the studio recording y new album. If you want to get a short daily log on how it is progressing then click here to sign up to my newsletter.