Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast 253



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This will keep you warm some hot tunes including a track from me that is just screaming out for collaborators SCREAMING! If you want to add a musical contribution you can listen to and download CRAZY on my Soundcloud page by clicking HERE

On with the rest of the show… First was Iris a good no nonsense guitar rock bacd doing what they should with a track called Candle. Mickey Carroll is the kind of guy you invite to dinner who turns up wearing spats and spend the evening winking at your wife! He is also a great blues musician with his own show on Youtube. His new track Slowtrain is just sublime.

Jumble Hole Clough – Cocoa Palace Keeper is like the kind of dream you have after taking prescription drugs, glorious! My Monthly Date – 21st what the Beasty Boys would have sounded like if they grew up in Guildford, easily listenable and instantly likeable. Old House Playground – Stardance Nick Drake channels Elvis singing to a Tarentino film score powerful and addictive!


I also posted this new video on the youtubes if you fancy it YouTube Preview Image