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July July

Lucky to have Flis Pitman join Chris Smith and myself for another panel show with music from The Final Clause of Tacitus – War Elephant, Kmodo – When You’re Ready, Tre Fo Boyz – Boyz in the Hood, Michael James – Solicitus, Atari Pilot – Wrong Captain, NoPrism – House of Smith, Little Brother Eli – Perfect, Nick Tann – Coming Home (instrumental)


Yes, I’ve done it again! It could become a habit this… Another show with a panel of well informed and opinionated examples of human beings. this week they are in the fine form of Katy Lou, Anna Neal and Paula Frost. I’m afraid the sound quality ‘isn’t that great as I’m recording these with bits of string and tape BUT I will get it right soon. The music is ace though with Cold Water Swimmers – Be My Sunshine, Emker Cel – Window, Becky Fishwick – Know You Know, Elizabeth Joan Kelly & Geiger Von Muller – Blue Moon, Sixteen and J’supreme – Hop Out, Dan Lyons – Mr Meaner, T”Pau – Be Wonderful and Nick Tann – Don’t (instrumental) 


So dear listener, a treat for you this time, a feast of bloody manhood in the pleasing shapes of Matt Kassell (April Maybe May & Emker Cel), Chris Smith (local promoter) and Lewis Jones (another local promoter) giving their opinions on the fine tracks I plucked out of the treasure chest of musical delights this month.

These fine examples of men give their opinions on Freya Ward – 1 Way Trip to Mars, New Luna – Prunus, Azz – I’m Not Ready, The Mojo Slide – Good Times, Those Fucking Snowflakes – Weak Me Fear Strong Women, Burning Condors – Twisted Kind of Bliss, Bella Beauts – Emotions, FlashFires – Quicker Than The Eye and one of mine NaNA Slide to finish things off.

Massive May Podcast!

Combining 2 podcasts into 1 this month to bring you 90 minutes of quality new tunes you have never heard.

Jaw dropping songs from some genuinely talented artists.

This shows playlist includes Katherine Aly – Misty Me, Joe Bygraves – Wild Nights, Half Decent – Every Single Moment, Intentional Overdose – Satan is Bad, Plastic Ghost – An Equation, Cosmic Ninja – Break the Silence, Theo Mizu Music – Capoeirando, The Final Curse of Tacitus – Nobody gets out alive, Elis – Thank You, Tenacity – Don’t Let Them In, Oli Spleen – Bedroom, Kmodo – When Will I Get There, Nick Tann – Safe Harbour, Leah Vee – Thinking About, Amongst Liars – Wolf Machine, As Sirens Fall – Puppy Squad. 

April Hunker number whatever…

With artists and pluggers working overtime trying to get airplay (and who can blame them as there’s fuck all else to do) I needed to push out another episode lest my folder split…. So here you are, spoilt for choice so have them all!

This is what you have this week you lucky people TV Face – Like Dominoes, Sam Kneale – I Don’t Mind, Puppet Theory – Someone For You, Marco Sysma – Standing Alone, Nick Tann – Can’t Get Happy (live), King Never – Stick In The Mud, Faith Bardhill – Not So Broken, Yard Arms – Mantra, Black Elvis – L4YL

April hunker

7 Spies – Chameleon, The Zealots – Beautiful, The Screens – The Boy Who Waved, The Hollow Doors – What’s The Point?, Emily Wolfe – Lion Heart, People – One Giant Loop For Mankind, Mummy Short Arms, Paul McClure – Unremarkable ME, Jon Gomm – Gloria