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Here we go again! On the hottest day of the year I bring you the hottest independent tracks money can buy!

This weeks play list contains Spencer – Hidden From The Sun, NEW MOdel Army – Devil, Morgan Wilson – Fire, Ilana J – Made For You, Stacs & Sii – Life Guard, White Crosses – Straits, Nick Tann – the First Time (demo)

This is my new video that you should certainly watch YouTube Preview Image and make a comment. Good or bad….

How dya like them apples?

Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast



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Hi all, yes I am back with a great new episode of your favourite music podcast, possibly.

This week, apart from a mild rant about the EU at the start, great music from Emker – Error, The Pink Diamond Review – Miss Lonely Hearts, OM Collective – Psilies Kite, Marvin B Naylor – Human God, Lauren Strange – Runner, Exit World – Doesn’t That Blow Your Mind, Capitol Heights – Spec plus a live song from me as yet untitled.

Good enough for ya?


Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast June

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Is This Thing On Podcast

So here we are in June!

Great tracks this week including Circle of Reason – Never Enough, Marcel Alexander – Lay up, The Valery Trails – OK, Richard Lomax – Choose your Own Adventure, Absinthe Minded (band includes John R Smith and Boz Scaggs!) – Cougar Walk, Nick Tann – Love Lies.

All sandwiched around the meat that is a super interview with the great Jay Groovara who tells it how it is, plays some of his great music live in the studio and even includes a song improvised on the spot.

Go summer!

As I mentioned on the show I have just made public all my song demos on Soundcloud just clickety click here 



Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast MAy2

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Here we go again!

After a great birthday week, thanks for all the congrats and that, I am back with a great show full of the most amazing independent music you will hear this side of the Pecos.

Amongst some banal chatter from me you can hear The Blazing Rays Of The Sun – Closer, Orbiting Blue – Lullaby for Donna, Josh Kemp – Imaginary Friend, Atomik BEar – Big Deal, By The Rivers – What You See, Rocket Van – 15 minutes, Lunar Rosa – Spread My Ashes ANywhere But Here, Eyes Like The Sky -Dorsal Fin, Damn Vandals – Blows My Mind, Toyface – Hot Summer Day, Nick Tann  – That Woman (taken from The Vinyl Project )

The sharp sited of you may notice that I haven’t put links to the artists websites. As it takes up a lot of time do do that so I am leaving  that task of finding the bands sites up to you from now on unless the bands want to give details in the comments below…. *waits*

Eurovision 2016 Live Blog

Eurovision 2016

This year’s Is This Thing On Podcast’s EUROVISION 2016 LIVE BLOG.

Lets have some fun and celebrate this great event. There will be tears, there will be laughter, there will be some dreadful songs and possibly some good ones.

Going by previous Eurovision blogs, there may also be some sarcasm but always lots of fun. 

If you stumble here for the first time then welcome and why not listen to a few episodes of the podcast whilst you wait for the fun to begin. 

A Live Blog is a running commentary of events with people chipping in with their own comments. It is hosted on this page of the podcast website> Any questions?


ps. I may change the picture..


Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast May

Ken Ken

Is This Thing On Podcast

How did it get to be May already? Nevermind, music is here to rescue us all. As i point out in the show, in the second half I feature some old tracks….one goes all the way back to 2008! Ahh 2008 when we were all erm… What did were we all doing in 2008?

Screamin Miss Jackson and the Slap Ya Mama Band – A Little Rub, Girls Bite Dogs ft. Nikol Kollars – My Name IS, Ginger Tom – Thought You’d Won, Mobstyle – Funkadelic, Tim Farrell – Rosewood Alley, Bubonik Funk – Position of Power, Sweet Tooth – Everybody Wants To Be In Love, Joe Wellfair – Useless Kid, Kevin Fisher – Losing You, Tom Bishel – The Feeling Of Home, Nick Tann – How Can It Be Wrong?, Matt Stevens – Snow part 3

Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast SPRING


It’s been a while but I am back with a vengeance! I talk about buying cds, old jungles and other stuff. Make a comment below if you have an opinion. People actually read this you know!

Anyway, this weeks play list

Sam Jefferson – Too Much For You, Annique – Never Forget The times, Sarah Mac Band – Ready To Stay, Bones Garage – Birthmarks, Accrington Stanley  – Rites of Spring, Lucy Kitchen – Sun To My Moon, The Strangler Figs – Attack of the Strangler Figs, The Travis Waltons – Home Wrecker, ToyFace – Cosmic Love, Nick Tann – Love Lies, Race Car Hearts – Diesel Dawn, Three Day Beard – Kentucky Gentleman.

I invited you to join Team Tann off the Facebook

I was also extolling the virtues of Hiatus Kaiyote.

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