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Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast


Is This Thing On Podcast
A Monday morning podcast to get us all ready to face the week.

A full playlist of wondrous music including The Willow Band – Missing part, Mickey Carroll – Celebrate The Joy, Lou Patty – Keep Running, AcG – Monkey Business, Brene Wilson – Life to The End, The Vast Alps – Vanity, Errant Boy – Imaginary Song, Runabay – Sequences, Luna Rosa – Spread My Ashes, Nick Tann – Life Ia A River.

All top notch stuff as per usual.

I asked a few questions about future episodes, let me know what you think.

Click on the bands you liked and read their story. Feel free to give me a nudge here or on  Twitter

Is This Thing On Podcast Independent Music Podcast

Good day humans and welcome to another episode of the podcast that showcases the best in independent music.


This week you can hear The Magic Lightnin Boys – Sucker Punch, Cherry Head Cherry Heart – So Much More, Dirty Proper – Your Freedom,  Nick Tann – Never Did You Harm, Emily Wolfe – Dancing On The Record Grooves, RocketVan – 15 Minutes.

Rocketvan also submitted a very revealing interview. Well worth a listen

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Is This Thing On Podcast

October gigs

Is This Thing On – Independent Music Podcast – Music in the City Special



A special Music In The City edition of the show this week. All these fine artists are playing. For more details about the festival click here

Is This Thing On Podcast

Superdrone – Made Out Of Suns – THE WEIGH HOUSE 5PM

The Empty Frets – Things I do Well – METRICKS CAFE 2PM

 Accrington Stanley – Couples – THE WEIGH HOUSE VAULT 6PM

 Pammie Moore – This Isn’t Love – KING JOHN PALACE 5PM

Yazzy Chamberlain – One Last Time – MARLANDS SHOPPING CENTRE

Zen Juddhism – Am I Alive? – THE WEIGH HOUSE VAULTS 1PM

Lucy Kitchen – Sun To My Moon – DANCING MAN BREWERY 5PM

Dan O’Farrell – Selfie Stick – THE PLATFORM TAVERN 1.30

Sombrero Fallout – The Rivets of Eclesiasties – THE UNDERCROFT 1.30PM

Nick Tann – Sadder Than Sad – THE SS SHEILDHALL 1PM

The Horse – Z.O.B.B. – THE CASTLE VAULT 2.40

The Slack 5 – On Hold – THE PLATFORM TAVERN 2.50 

Neil Anderson – Some Dance – THE GRAND CAFE 5.30

MITC 2015

Music in the City – Special Podcast

MITC 2015

This year, to help publicise the event, I will be producing a Music in the City Special Podcast.

If you are performing your own ORIGINAL MUSIC  at the festival and want to be included in this special edition then

You must send me an email with your music file as an attachment. If you have a website include that in the email as it will be mentioned and linked to on the website.


The email address is

Include when are where you are playing at the festival.

The music must have been written and played by you.

The music file must be an mp3 or mp4a and have your name and the title of the piece of music as the file name

eg. Nick Tann-Dont Make Me Wait.mp3

If I play your music I will email you to let you know.

Things to remember….

I will not download your music from Soundcloud or anywhere else.

If you do not mention in the email where and when you are playing, I wont either.

Include your website.

The music must have been written by you NO COVER SONGS.

I regularly get sent tracks for the show and I filter out tracks I don’t like. For this episode I will not be filtering out any tracks so if you send me tracks I will definitely play them. God help me!

If I really love your track then I may include it in other episodes. If you record a special intro e.g. “My name is blah blah blah and I am playing at the blah blah at blah blah o clock” I will include that.

Any questions feel free to email  me.


Deadline for submissions is 11pm Wednesday





NIck Tann’s – Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast
And here we are, back in the room again with some amazing independent tunes sent in by wonderfully talented artists from around the planet.

This weeks playlist includes Fighting Caravans – Tyrannosaur, Lazer Lloyd – Bad Seed, ToyFace – Cosmic Love, Nick Tann – Dont, April Maybe May – Sugar and Mess, The Horse – Got To See Her, Lizzard Frequency – Bad Seed, Marvin B Naylor – Wondering Star




Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast Magenta

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Yes, I know….it’s just me! Since, what we will now call “The Mac Crash” all of my apps including Photoshop have disappeared. I have tried to install GIMP but have drawn a blank so far… Macports? Really?

So here we are with this weeks pick of the best tracks I have been sent including The Paper Trains – The Prospectors, Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing – Rainbow Island, Deep Shade – Haven’t Said A Word, Bobbie Peru -Dark MP3, Nick Tann – Can’t Stop Missing You, The Horse – Family Ties.

All produced on my new Imac using the mighty Logic Pro X and wonderful it is… apart from the no more Photoshop bit…

Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast AMBER


Is This Thing On Podcast

Back with a vengeance this week kids, nice long show and a new feature. Whatever next!

In this weeks show you can hear Dazie Mae – Sofa, The Creeping Ivies – The Witch House, The Buzzard Orchestral – One Stone, Nick Tann – Never Did You Harm, Marvin B Naylor – Brief Encounter, Dah Rhy Gah Moor – Right Swipe, Ollie Goodwin – Painted Black finishing off with the  band interview with White Ape followed by their track Game of Soldiers.


All good!