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Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast SPRING


It’s been a while but I am back with a vengeance! I talk about buying cds, old jungles and other stuff. Make a comment below if you have an opinion. People actually read this you know!

Anyway, this weeks play list

Sam Jefferson – Too Much For You, Annique – Never Forget The times, Sarah Mac Band – Ready To Stay, Bones Garage – Birthmarks, Accrington Stanley  – Rites of Spring, Lucy Kitchen – Sun To My Moon, The Strangler Figs – Attack of the Strangler Figs, The Travis Waltons – Home Wrecker, ToyFace – Cosmic Love, Nick Tann – Love Lies, Race Car Hearts – Diesel Dawn, Three Day Beard – Kentucky Gentleman.

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I was also extolling the virtues of Hiatus Kaiyote.

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Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast – Where are they now? #1


Just sit back and bask in what once was as this episode is full of music from bands that are no more. I played their music on the show and despite that they broke up! Therefore there are no links to websites instead just listen to the great music that they made. IF you have any information on the bands then please make a comment here.  So this weeks playlist is…

Doyle & The Forefathers – When Will The Children Learn?, What Is Life For? – the Rush, The Visitors – Same Old Me, The Lost Souls Club – Your Children Are Safe With Us, Menn Arsins – 12 Steps TO The Liquor Store, ‘Til Dusk – Honey Just Walk It, The Wilton Project – Diana, Caroline’s Capuchin Deepest Fall, Vendor Defender – Golden Shivers, Sand River – Love, People – Jackie Who?

I also mooted the idea of an IS This Thing On Youtube Chanel and the possibility of me performing a home concert in YOUR HOME. Have a listen and remember to subscribe to never miss an episode Is This Thing On Podcast

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Is This Thing On Podcast March on

Alice in Wonderland

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What a great week for new independent music! I have had a great surge of tracks for this episode and have included the best of the plethora of songs that have been sent to me.

Marvin B Naylor – Ode to Peggy Christie, Hummingbird – Old Habits Die Hard, Alex Rosselli – Bouncing, Bad Ideas – Give Up, Van Susans – Served Cold, Reya Sunshine -Joyful, Ben Murray-Smith – Crossover, Only Sun – What We Started, Nick Tann – The First Time (DEMO), Simon King – Falling Away

Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast

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Remember me? Yes well I am back and apart from a little rant “Where did the music go?” I have a packed show full of some great music. This week I am  privileged to interview the might folk singer Jim Chorley about his forthcoming album and he graces us with a live rendition of the title track.

This weeks play list reads thus…

The Ritz Club – Walk Away, WizPlay – Straight Up, Omeil – I wanna Know Why, Jim Chorley – Honest & True, Benjamin Yellowitz – Berlin Bar, Hildur Hoglind – Country Grey, ToyFace – Daniel, Nick Tann – Precious Mother,  Broken Links – Life of the biologically dead, Chalk – There are certain things we haven’t told you.

Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast


Is This Thing On Podcast

Hi and welcome to 2016 and my first podcast of the year. “Where have you been?” you may ask. Have a listen and I will fill you in. Some great tracks this week, some old and some new. Below is the playlist with appropriate links to the artists websites. Have a click and find out more about them, they come from all over the world including the USA, Denmark, France and the UK.

Forever Still-Break The Glass, The Corridors-End of the Times, My Darling Fury-Satisfied, Wilson– Silver Lining, Little Brother Eli-Hanging, David Garlitz-I like the way you Move, Fit & The Conniptions-Bush of Thorns, Anne Davis-Where The Roads Cross, Daniel Roure-J’avu, Catfish and The Bottlemen-Sidewinder, The MilkMen-Like a Drug, Schnauser-Everything is Nice, Nick Tann-Crazy Momma.



Is This Thing on Independent Music Podcast Xmas


Is This Thing On Podcast

Yes, at last, this years Xmas special podcast. Some new and some favourites of the last year finishing with a live track from me recorded at The Joiners a few months ago. Thanks to everyone who contributed and continues to do so. Thanks for listening and supporting ORIGINAL INDEPENDENT MUSIC.  Show your support by buying some merchandise form the following artists who appear in this weeks show.

Benjamin Yellowitz – Berlin Bar, Paul McClure– A Song For Anyone, Marchan Noelle – Time Zone, Rogues – Huckay Pump, Cherry Head Cherry Heart – Party Seven, Let Go The Sky – Leaving, The Silver Bayonets – Schemes, Ollie Goodwin – Painted Black Master, Ed Ling – Swimmers, Hildur Höglind – Early, The Strangler Figs – Attack of the Strangler Figs, Liz Longley – Unraveling, Nick Tann – Never Did You Harm (live at The Joiners Southampton)