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Is This Thing On Podcast

Hi Humans and welcome to this weeks tip top Independent Music podcast from me, good old Nick Tann.

This weeks wondrous playlist includes Ruby Confue – Babay, Runabay – Moon Turns Blue, Eyes Like The Sky – Dorsal Fin, Scorpio Loon _ Things I like To Do, a brand new track by me Nick Tann – Safe Harbour and a lost album track from  People – Jackie Who.


If you have any ideas as to questions I can ask artists in the new “Who The Hell Are You?” feature, then please use the contact form below.

See you soon!

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Hi there independent music fans,it’s me that Nick Tann off of the internet! This week I bring you songs from around the world!

Luna Rosa – Spread Your Ashes Anywhere But Here, Ummagma – Lama, Yaw Prana – Well Tanna, Chris Angel – Little Bird ft Amanda Cottreau, Chalk – Everyone’s Problem, No Ones Problem, Marvin B Naylor – I Am A Summer Night, Nick Tann – How Can It Be Wrong?

Click here to read Hao Boon’s great review of Eyes Like The Sky – Haven’t Seen A Frog that was played on last weeks show 


Is This Thing On Podcast

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Morning Neverland people…. No, I don’t know either….

Download and play in Itunes by clicking the widget thing where ever it is this week, and you can help support independent music. How about that!!!

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This week, as well as giving advice to prospective musicians, I play some great tunes!

Deepshade – Tattoo, Rat Faced Lewey – Dead in the Ground, Eyes Like The Sky – Haven’t Seen a Frog, Paul Liddell – The Ides of May


Like the new layout?

Is This Thing On Podcast


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Is This Thing On Podcast

Yes, BLUE, having dispensed with episode numbers I am shifting to colours.

In this weeks ranty, sweary episode I play a new song from Grant Sharkeys new album Hello Goon, The Travis Waltons –  The Antagonist, Paul Liddell – Brighter Lights, The Bombs – Howl, an oldie from me good old Nick Tann and a great tune Digress from Fur Cough.

I also managed to sort that player problem out see?


Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast MAY

the-empire-strikes-back-luke-skywalker-and-yodaHello gorgeous people, Nick Tann here with a short yet incredibly sweet collection of yummy independent music sent to me from across the globe

Bombs – This Is My Party, Bela Takes Chase – Collide, Iris – Candle, Nick Tann – Don’t (demo), Hildur Hoglind – Seize the Day and that’s it!

Is This Thing On Podcast


Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast



Dispensing forever with episode numbers we’re cracking on with a bands special in this weeks Independent Music Podcast presented by me Nick Tann

Kicking off with People – Time and Time Again, Sahara Skies – Much Love, Fake Flowers-Real Dirt – Bullets Thru the Fire, The Strangler Figs – Attack of the Strangler Figs, The Silver Bayonets, Let Go The Sky – Silver Linings, Little Brother Eli – Hanging, Damn Vandals – Mad As Hell, Kill For Eden – Kerosene.

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Is This Thing On Podcast

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Is This Thing On Podcast

Hello lovelies!

This week I play a few new songs as well as take a stroll down memory lane….

Playlist this week includes Runabay – Moon Turns Blue, Fake Chatter – Saw Mill PKWY, Marvin B Naylori – Space Ships There Are, Nick Tann – Don’t, Schnauzer -Everything Is Nice, Liz Longley – Rush, Tom Bishel – The Feeling of Home, Tom Caulfield – Catholic Girls, Sam Page – Release Me.