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Is This Thing On Podcast October

Alice in Wonderland

Is This Thing On Podcast

Yes, I’m a bit surprised too!

Listen to some great music from Cyrill Lim, The Underworld, the Brew, Chezza, The Indigo Palms, Luna Rosa and me Nick Tann.


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If you are a bit confused, so was I! I originally posted this as a new PAGE and not a POST. It’s all good though eh?


Is This Thing on Independent music Podcast


Is This Thing On Podcast

Good day fellow humans, a rather grumpy episode this week but you get what you pay for!

Tracks include Jahmila – Oye Que Si, Temper Cartel – Bad Influence, Emka Cel – Error, Lara Smiles – Who Are You?, Nick Tann – Life is a River



Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast


Is This Thing On Podcast

Back in the jug again with some great new sounds including

Strangers Amongst Us – Threads, Dollie Demi – New Girl, The Bad Years – In The House (High All Day), Redeye – Moroccan Fruit, A Ninja Slob Drew Me – 23, Julie Cannon – So Save Me

I also played one of my song “Crazy” that may or may not make it back on my live play list.

Have a read of Paul Carr’s review of CHezza’s track from the last podcast 

And finally his is the link, that has now turned into a player, for my alternative podcast IS THIS THING ON TWO which plays tracks from my personal music collection.


Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast August



Is This Thing On Podcast

I am back with some great new tunes and some tunes from 2011

Chezza – On and On, Maryama, Fine, Woven Bird – Saw You in Two, Fez  – Lowlight, Captain Backfire _ Diceman,  Salwa Azar – White Horse, By The River – One Word, Russell Morgan – Surrender, Nick Tann – All I Think About Is You.


Have a listen and a little feedback would be nice xx

EDIT A review of Chezza by Paul Carr


Chezza – On and On.

As Nick says in the podcast, people can be notoriously sniffy about new hip-hop. Maybe you are one of those people who has been turned off hip hop by the omnipresence of the Drakes and the Kanyes of the world. If so, hopefully this new track from Canadian rapper Chezza will go some way to changing your mind. The songs opens with a languid groove that would fit nicely onto Marvin Gaye’s frankly filthy album Let’s Get it On. Cheeza has an impressively tight flow with his nimble rhymes tumbling over each other. He has the steady delivery of a less provocative Mos Def. The song seamlessly flows into a chorus that would sound great soundtracking one of those Cristal fuelled pool parties you’ll never get invited to. The guest verses see two rappers with contrasting styles add weight to the track. Sharky the Great contributes some mirth with inspired boasts about his skills as an MC while Killermixture adds a confident, street smart verse. There are plenty of nods to old school hip-hop that will satisfy the hip-hop aficionado and the uninitiated alike. It’s a shimmering, summery tune perfect for some late summer sun. Give it a go.

Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast



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Here we go again! On the hottest day of the year I bring you the hottest independent tracks money can buy!

This weeks play list contains Spencer – Hidden From The Sun, NEW MOdel Army – Devil, Morgan Wilson – Fire, Ilana J – Made For You, Stacs & Sii – Life Guard, White Crosses – Straits, Nick Tann – the First Time (demo)


A review of one of the tracks from new ITTOP reviewer Paul Carr

New Model Army – Devil

The hand clap is an often underappreciated addition to a song. It raises the humorous image of a group of musicians huddled around a single microphone clapping out a beat that one would usually associate more with reception year infant students than gruff rockers. Here, the hand claps, paired with it’s sexy bassline, propel the song forward. It has the same feel as the Stooges ‘No Fun’ and (If i had a pair), I would be tempted to don a pair of ill fitting black trousers and have a bit of a slink. It’s a great start and the song continues to pile on unexpected sounds with synths layered into the mix. The song skulks along until the chorus, with it’s repetitive refrain of ’If you look for me/You will find me’. Although somewhat repetitive it still contains the requisite existential dread that the band do so well. The slowed down bridge with an almost spoken word verse adds a hypnotic bleakness to proceedings before returning to the insistent chorus. This is a strong return for the band and, If you like them, you will certainly appreciate this. If anything, you will at least appreciate the hand claps.


This is my new video that you should certainly watch YouTube Preview Image and make a comment. Good or bad….

How dya like them apples?




Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast



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Hi all, yes I am back with a great new episode of your favourite music podcast, possibly.

This week, apart from a mild rant about the EU at the start, great music from Emker – Error, The Pink Diamond Review – Miss Lonely Hearts, OM Collective – Psilies Kite, Marvin B Naylor – Human God, Lauren Strange – Runner, Exit World – Doesn’t That Blow Your Mind, Capitol Heights – Spec plus a live song from me as yet untitled.

Good enough for ya?


Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast June

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Is This Thing On Podcast

So here we are in June!

Great tracks this week including Circle of Reason – Never Enough, Marcel Alexander – Lay up, The Valery Trails – OK, Richard Lomax – Choose your Own Adventure, Absinthe Minded (band includes John R Smith and Boz Scaggs!) – Cougar Walk, Nick Tann – Love Lies.

All sandwiched around the meat that is a super interview with the great Jay Groovara who tells it how it is, plays some of his great music live in the studio and even includes a song improvised on the spot.

Go summer!

As I mentioned on the show I have just made public all my song demos on Soundcloud just clickety click here