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Happy New Year 2020

Hi all, yes I am back again with a show packed of wonderful music from all over the planet. Make sure you listen all the way to the end as you may miss a gem! This weeks playlist includes Charles Peoples 111 – Creep, Derange – Zero, Nadia Vaeh – Boomerang, Blackelvis – Masquerade, Slaugh – Tears, Nick Tann – Can’t Stop Missing You, Flash Fires – Circus Boy. All good nothing bad, subscribe if you want to hear more. 

No No November

Back with a show to rock your very socks off! 

Great tunes and me babbling on about my escapades with “Grand Theft Auto” (NickTannrocks)

Outstanding tunes this week, just look at this track list! Yard Arms – Comfortable, Anatoli Tsampa – Everything Different, We Three Kings – Gasoline, Dan Lyon ft. Clemence Quelennel – Biarritz, Little Brother Eli – Love Between Teens, Woven Bird – Saw You In Two, Progulike – Prog 1, Sam Cartier – Electricity, Nick Tann – Parallel Lines, Blackjack Love – Forever Man

If you like the show then please subscribe because I don’t know when the next show will pop out. 

October 2

Marrius – Back to Strangers, Foxer – Don’t Leave a Scar, Kenzi – At The Root, Oh Moses – The Company You Keep, Dres_ – Wake Up, The Bugles – Give UpSara Saville – Love Hate, Zilverback – Breathtaking, Liz Longley – Unraveling 

Fresh for October

In these testing times, I would urge all supporters to subscribe to the podcast. I will be getting even busier recording a new album and as much as I would love to push out a new episode every week, I am trying my best to get one out once a month. That does mean that the quality is on high as you can hear from this weeks playlist.

Nora Anna – Over The Moon, Go Robot – Gallows, Luna Rosa – In The Centre Of Pride, Milena – Summer of Heat and Spice, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Jamie R Hawkins – Thank You Friend, Mollyanna – Archaeology and a special track from me…

Yes I’m still here…

Yes I know it’s been a while and if you listen to this amazing episode you will hear  why. Nevertheless some outstanding tracks this week including  Jim Chorley – There’s nothing like your love, Lyra – S.T.A.Y., Dom Down Jones – Hold ME Down, Charmides – Cold Blooded Killer, Skyfever – Burning Hands, Decoster Turn to fire or stone, Nick Tann – Crazy, Alireza Yousefi – Maale Man Bash.

Dan O’Farrell – Accrington Stanley special

This week is a special episode where I get to interview the marvellous Dan O’Farrell, he of Accrington Stanley and John Peel’s playlist fame as well as a legend in his own lunchbox with his solo project AND with the amazing Dan O’Farrell and the Difference Engine. We chat about the John Peel days, his record number (surley a record yes?)  of live performances and of double bass player Rick Foot. He also performed a live version of “Fill My Lungs” in the studio. It was really something and something you should really hear. Hoping to do more interviews over the next few weeks. Who would you like to hear me interview? Answers on a postcard…. remember those??