Is This Thing On Podcast November II TAKE TWO!


Sorry folks, due to a technical hitch the first version of this didn’t work! So, I had a fiddle and it’s all good….. On with the show, again!



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Yes I know, 2 shows in a month AND a new website! What is going on eh?

I’ve had so much great music sent to me it would be sinful not to play it. By the way there are a few swears in this one so ….. well just so.

What do you think of the new site? I’ve made the banner setting random. Which picture did you get?

Anyhoo this weeks playlist

Andy J Gallagher – Sheena’s Big Night Out, MAddie Wilson – Waiting for Lightening to Strike, Where Fires Are – Your Brother, Ken Roberts – Only Lonely One, The Chadelics – Love Me Again, Cosmic Ninja – Hypnosis, Scott Swain – Oil, Marlena Anna – Trust, Nick Tann – The Day After The Night Before

This is the Spotify playlist version of the show. Tracks MAY differ from the podcast version.

Is This Thing On Podcast November


The Jesus statue Brazil-nick-tann

The Jesus statue Brazil-nick-tann

Is This Thing On Podcast

What a show! Read this track list!!!

Hail Taxi – Crystal Clear, Kristine Mirelle – Freaking Mess, Hello Casanova – I’ll Be Waiting, Louise Jordan – No Petticoats Here, Michael Gaither – Black Fridays Eve, Jamie R Hawkins – Come Undone and a mystery track from me. A mystery because I had never heard it until today and have no idea where it came from…. I used to drink…. Nick Tann

Anyhoo it’s all loverly stuff just listen, click a few things and enjoy

Is This Thing On Podcast October

Alice in Wonderland

Is This Thing On Podcast

Yes, I’m a bit surprised too!

Listen to some great music from Cyrill Lim, The Underworld, the Brew, Chezza, The Indigo Palms, Luna Rosa and me Nick Tann.


Click on some things here whilst you listen why don’t you?



If you are a bit confused, so was I! I originally posted this as a new PAGE and not a POST. It’s all good though eh?


Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast


Is This Thing On Podcast

Back in the jug again with some great new sounds including

Strangers Amongst Us – Threads, Dollie Demi – New Girl, The Bad Years – In The House (High All Day), Redeye – Moroccan Fruit, A Ninja Slob Drew Me – 23, Julie Cannon – So Save Me

I also played one of my song “Crazy” that may or may not make it back on my live play list.

Have a read of Paul Carr’s review of CHezza’s track from the last podcast¬†

And finally his is the link, that has now turned into a player, for my alternative podcast IS THIS THING ON TWO which plays tracks from my personal music collection.