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Is This Thing On Podcast 115

Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast
Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast

A little bit sweary this week as I get a bit passionate about independent music. Amazing tracks form Alma ~ Scraps, Pineross ~ Ruins, Safari ~ Quicksand, Shoulders of Giants ~ Code of a Madman, Wax Ersatz ~ Make a Man out of Me, Tony Wallace ~ Turtle  Crab, Lite ~ Image Game, Broken Links ~ Substitute Yourself, For the Future – Jeff Green and a track I wrote in conjunction with BP Perry for the Hot Potatoes Podcast.

I mentioned that you may wish to purchase This Thing Is On a compilation cd of some of the best music played on the podcast, just click anywere on this sentence to be whisked stright to it.

I also suggested clicking on a link so DO IT!!




Is This Thing On Podcast 107


Did you miss me? Well I’m back with a bucketfull of the best independent music you have ever heard. In no particular order I played The Cherry Bluestones – By Your Leave, Catfish & The Bottlemen – Sidewinder, Vivid Nation – We’re Not The Same, We Steal Flyers – Our World, Sigurdor Gudmunson ~ Naem, Killing No Murder – Reality TV Star, Captain Backfire – Double Kid, Jon Gomm – Gloria, Lock n Load – Lock n Load and a song from me Don’t from my new  “Big Set”.

I interviewed the amazing Anja McCloskey and she also plays a brand new track “Black Coffee” live in the ITTO studio.

I also mentioned The Hot Potatoes Podcast but you’d best give that a wide birth unless you like crazy British potato humour.

I’ll be back next week with more of the best music you have never heard.

Is This thing On Podcast 87

And what a podcast it is.

I play a great track from Flearoy ~ Tiger Lilly, A track from the new album by Georgian megastars Belizer ~ Autumn and a great new track from Wax Ersatz ~ Out In The Cold.

There then follows a great interview with the talented and groovey Cherry Bluestorms Glen Laughlan (not Craig Mclachlan, idiot!)  and Deborah Gee where they tell me about their new album, playing in America and their parrot Winston. Finishing off with playing a new track from their as yet unfinished album Bad Penny Opera.

As a pallet cleanser I then played a lovely tune by Ernesto Shnack ~Build followed by Doyle and the Forefathers ~When Will The Children Learn.

I ended with a comedy tune that I produced for the Hot Potatoes Comedy Podcast ~ Inflammatory Bowel Disease, lovely.

Have a lovely week until the next one!