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Is This thing on Podcast 223



Is This Thing On Podcast

Here we go with another collection of fine independent tunes from around the world.

This week my playlist looks like this

Nick Tann – Don’t, Field Studies – Mothertongue, April Maybe May – Don’t Go Sadly, Ryan Peel – What am I Missing, By The Rivers – One Word, E.A.R.T.H. – Keep Rising, Andrew Foster – Memory Maze, Atari Pilot – Stay Yourself, Bela Takes Chase – Take What’s Mine, The Deadline Shakes – Sweeten the Deal




Is This Thing On Podcast 208



K Anderson – 14 Year old Me, Morrison ~ Calico Jack, David Garlitz ~ I like the way you move, Not Druids ~ Apocalypse Children, The Reverse ~ They Came For Us, Nick Tann ~ Crazy Momma

Is This Thing On Podcast 203



Welcome one and all to episode 203 where, as usual, I get to play some of the best in new unsigned and independent artists. This week you can hear Nou Enle ~ Seasons, Nick Tann ~ Can’t Stop Missing You, Richard Lomax ~ Set Me Free, Kinetics~ Empty Lanes, Talking Colour, The O’s Outlaw, Chuter ~ Not a Body, Anyone’s Guess ~ Apathy.

I gave a hint on the big xmas and new year show. If you want me to play a particular track then fill out the contact form below or make a comment.

Ho ho and ho!




Is This Thing On Podcast 199


Is This Thing On Podcast

A sleepy show featuring music from Kinetics ~ Empty Lanes, The Fierce and The Dead ~ Part 4, *Scarlet Soho ~ We Must Destroy, The Golden Age ~ Act of Grace, Catfish & the Bottlemen ~ Sidewinder, *Lucy Kitchen ~ Tide, *Matt Blake ~ The Show, People ~ You Changed.

*all have done business with Toby at Zanzibar Studios in Winchester as I will be soon when he records my NEW FAN FUNDED ALBUM.


Is This Thing On 158 XMAS SPECIAL


Is This Thing On Podcast

As a special treat I have compiled 4 of my favourite interviews of the year including one as yet unheard!

Firstly I interview that Grant Sharkey from Toupe and other amazing things, then the effervescent Melissa James. After a little interlude courtesy of King Never and the best Xmas song ever, I then chat with the now London based Bela Takes Chase finishing off with a recent interview with German legend Rainer Straschill 

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Is This Thing On Podcast 154

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

Is This Thing On Podcast

Yes, I don’t understand the picture either but hey ho!

Some amazing music this week from in no particular order Lanre ~ Ma Gbagbe, Lucy Kitchen ~ Autumn, Bad Belly ~ Runaway Train, Sam Page ~ I don’t Want To Think About Her Anymore, The Random Few ~ Headphones, The Travis Waltons~ The Antagonist, Race Car Hearts ~ Diesel Dawn, Plumerai Mondegreen ~ 13, Greg Anderson ~ Run For The Hills, The Little Unsaid ~ A Piece of Fruit, Flaming June ~ Nerves of Steel, Nick Tann ~ Sadder than Sad, Arnold Lane & Steve Moyes ~ Ph1


How about that?

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Is This Thing On Podcast 151

Nick Tann
Nick Tann

Is This Thing On Podcast

Here we go with another 65 minutes and 26 seconds of pure joy!

With tracks from Katrina Simon ~ Sunny Day, Shout Timber ~ East India Trading Company, Frankey ~ Baby, Alberta~ Slow Motion, 2OL (featuring H2O) ~  Gommage Eclat, Bella ~ These Shoes, Ryan Peel ~ Even in L.A., Anja McCloskey ~ Quite Low, Robbie Boyd Band ~ Orions Belt, Liza Finn ~ Home ~ By The Rivers ~ One Word, Flearoy ~ Hey Brother, Travis Waltons ~ Vampire Bite, Nick Tann ~ Don’t