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Nick Tann – Safe Harbour

Massive May Podcast!

Combining 2 podcasts into 1 this month to bring you 90 minutes of quality new tunes you have never heard.

Jaw dropping songs from some genuinely talented artists.

This shows playlist includes Katherine Aly – Misty Me, Joe Bygraves – Wild Nights, Half Decent – Every Single Moment, Intentional Overdose – Satan is Bad, Plastic Ghost – An Equation, Cosmic Ninja – Break the Silence, Theo Mizu Music – Capoeirando, The Final Curse of Tacitus – Nobody gets out alive, Elis – Thank You, Tenacity – Don’t Let Them In, Oli Spleen – Bedroom, Kmodo – When Will I Get There, Nick Tann – Safe Harbour, Leah Vee – Thinking About, Amongst Liars – Wolf Machine, As Sirens Fall – Puppy Squad. 

Here comes the …. last podcast in June

An amazing array of fresh new music from all over the planet this week including news singles from This Blue Falcon – Prohibition Park and the stunningly good Anatoli Tsampa – Only a Stranger. Gumshoe – When They Start to Ignite, wowed me and Lillimure – Something, makes me want to visit New York. I played Doyle and The Forefathers – When Will The Children Learn, as a small tribute to BEn Clark who sadly died a couple of weeks ago. I gave favourites of the show Dakka Shanks – Skinhead Boy a spin, what a track and what a band! I’m getting more and more into Guy Siv – Agnicity, I wonder why….? I managed to jam one of my tracks in Nick Tann – Safe Harbour from my album Authentic still available from my website. All in all a great show although I don’t think I was at my best presenting wise… Never mind the music is fab!

Is This Thing On Podcast April

Well here we are in spring and these tracks I am springing on you are Norquay – ShaLaLa Boom, The Pink Diamond Review GoGo Girl, Hildur Hoglind – Do Not Go Gentle, Brass Phantoms – Diciples, The Fierce and the Dead – Truck, Dave Miles – Gurus and the Saints, Nick Tann – Safe Harbour. How bloody brilliant!