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Is This Thing On Podcast

As a special treat I have compiled 4 of my favourite interviews of the year including one as yet unheard!

Firstly I interview that Grant Sharkey from Toupe and other amazing things, then the effervescent Melissa James. After a little interlude courtesy of King Never and the best Xmas song ever, I then chat with the now London based Bela Takes Chase finishing off with a recent interview with German legend Rainer Straschill 

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Is This Thing On Podcast Classic episode 19

Because I am away I have decided to post some old or CLASSIC episodes of the podcast to keep you all interested, hopefully….

This podcast first went live 22nd February 2010 and has all the classic features. I won’t spoil the surprises but I will post the original notes below. Please remember that this is over two years old and some of the information, websites etc, do not exist and/or may have changed. ENJOY

Is This Thing On Podcast

Some of the best music you have never heard! In no particular order you can hear Rainer StraschilMatt Stevens, The Wilton Project, Fernwood and ME!

Watch With Mothers review tunes by VegaFunky Poets and Hamilton

I chat to Matt about Last FM and Myspace

The winner of last weeks First Fifteen Sunna Gunnlaugs get their track played in full and James Leblonde comes up with a jingle for this weeks.

Is This Thing On Podcast 74

In a podcast dedicated to my Twitter mate Jane Belinda  (she’s not a happy bunny) I play in no particular order The One and The Many , the Despicable Little Man, Rebecca Pidgeon, Vendor Defender, Indigo Earth, Burn, Sarah Griffin, Isaac’s Aircraft, Rainer Straschill and Fernwood.

I also played one of my tracks I recorded as part of my Vinyl Project.

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Is This Thing On Podcast 64

is this thing on podcast 64

is this thing on podcast 64

This is the first podcast that is totally hosted and fed by this website. It’s a farewell to podbean an the old website and hello to all you wonderful new folks as well as a welcome back to all the faithful folk who have followed me so far.

In this weeks podcast I played Vendor Defender Passing, Liz Longley and her great new tune Unraveled, Rainer Straschill Dema, Phote, Kersei, Big Block 454 Blind Jack of Knaresborough, Wax Ersatz Come Home, Faux Disco Club ft Lily Recovery, The Sons of Horses Wondering Why, Paul Liddell Monsoon, Bex Underdog, Postcode Broke Your Fucking Heart, The Cherry Bluestrorms 4 Here and I finished of with a live version of One Night Stand (glad you came)

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Is This Thing On Podcast 31

In another packed podcast I play The Cherry Bluestorms (should be stones), Funky Poets, Liz Longley, squeaky wheel Jennie Walker, Mak Wolven, Tom Bishel, Paul Liddel, Tom Caulfield and I played a track from this album why not download it for free?
I did a cracking interview with The Real Raj and he played a song he wrote especially for the podcast.
Watch With Mothers Swineshead and Napoleon chatted about mini chedders whilst listening to Psychotic, Kidd Russell and Rainer Straschills remix of Matt Stevens’s Snow. Apoc managed to infiltrate
All turned out nice again eh?