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The Launchers – Dutty Mouth

Is This Thing On Music Podcast First Full Live Stream!

Well here it is, the first full live streamed show from the book of face. I am writing this in the morning so I have even less to do after the show. How did it go? Did we all have fun? The plan is to do a live show once a month and to continue with the usual pre record as per usual. 

If you missed the show you will be able to view it here

I played, I think,  KP Russel – Dumb Shit, Punch Cabbie – Dark Art, The Launchers – Dutty Mouth, Liz Longley – Rush, The Strangler Figs – Attack of the Strangler Figs, The Black Feathers – Down By the River, Nick Tann 3am 


Welcome to Autumn, chilly init?

Fortunately I have songs to warm the very cockles of your heart and ears.

Charley Stride – Different Stars, The Launchers – Dutty Mouth, Black Feathers – Arclight. Helgen AR Har – Korsbars Fettera,  Atari Pilot – Stay Yourself, Emily Wolfe – Lion Heart, Anna Neale – Listen, Nick Tann Trio – Safe Harbour