This Thing Is On!

You, yes YOU, could be the proud owner of the limited edition THIS THING IS ON handmade cd compilation of some of the best tracks played on the podcast. All tracks have been donated by the artists and lovingly mastered by the marvel that is Matt McCabe from Finley Sound.

For the paltry amount of £6.50 I will send you a copy of the greatest collection of independent music you have never heard, probably.

To purchase a copy all you need to is CLICK HERE

Only a fool could refuse and you’re not a fool are you?

This is the amazing playlist for this stunning product.

1 Campout Make Myself Sick
2 Matt Stevens Burnt Out Car
3 The Cherry Bluestorms Fear of Gravity
4 Tim Farell The Backpacker
5 Gideons Demise Fusion
6 Allen Wentz Psychotic
7 Amaya Huntly Regrets
8 Bubonic Funk Position of Power
9 Tom Caulfield Miss Valentine’s Last Stand
10 Paul Liddell Ghost Car
11 Nick Tann Life Is A River
12 King Never The City
13 Tom Bishel The Feeling of Home