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Is This Thing On Podcast 20

A bit later than usual due to the fact that I have been stuck to my mac for most of the week and didn’t get started until late.

This week you are lucky enough to hear Tim Farrell, Scot Turchin, Fernwood, The Wilton Project, Matt Stevens and a track featuring my old band People.

Watch With Mothers Swineshead and Napoleon reviewed songs by Ruby on the Vine, Crimson Face and Fleeting silence.

Matt Stevens was missing in action leavinmg me to do a mini rant on how musicians who don’t think they’r egood enough and that everyone is better than The Sugar Babes!

I announced, prematurely, that Kevy Nova had won the First Fifteen when in actual fact Tracy Shaun had won due to a late surge. To make amends, I will play Tracy’s track in full next week.

Camp Out , Simpli Laura and Kenny Sommers are battling it out for this weeks. Vote for your fave on the right.


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Thank you for playing my song. I am glad that tracyshaun pulled ahead at the end and that he will get played next week because he is a good friend of mine. He's also the guy who turned me on to your podcast, which I am enjoying immensly!

I do have to say that your rant about shitty music getting popular through promotion was brilliant and had me laughing my ass off.

Thank you also for mentioning my website, where people can find all the links to buy my crap!

Keep doing what you're doing, the world needs more of this.

Kevy Nova

Kenny Sommer is one of the most inovative artists I have found. He has evolved from a Replacement like power-popster that the Chicago Sun Times compared to Exile era Stones, into an experimental rocker with lyrics that work on many levels and really subtle hooks. I cannot wait to get the rest of the new CD.

Thanks for giving him a play!!!! TO freeking cool!!!

fantastic Nick and that's the first time I have listened to a podcast. I can certainly sympathise with the emotions expressed in the lyrics.
I am probably telling u what u know but why don't u come down to the Lion Pub in Wick Road to perform at Rhythm and Muse on Thursday nights? Kind regards, Sarah Onions.

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