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Is This Thing On Podcast 25

In another packed podcast I played music by the fantastic Hot Vamp Club, the amazing King Never, the unique Tom Caulfield, Matt Steven’s Burning Banstands track was remixed by the brilliant LEXTRICAL and he went on to talk about blogs and cited The Hype Machine as the place to go to . I played a track from my free album Moving On.
Apoc loved Soundcloud for all the wrong reasons. I played Everyone Want’s To Fall In Love by the beautiful Sweet Tooth, I was blown away by the talented Joe Wellfair and urged you to make a comment about the stunning track by The Real Raj. The very entertaining Jason Nembhard won the First Fifteen with a breathtaking 3 votes. Not sure if this first fifteen lark is worth the effort, what do you think?

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Thanks for the podcast Nick, entertaining and informative as ever.
Thanks also for your kind words and that great London songscape by sweet tooth. Cheers TRR.

Thanks, I was a bit under the weather but just about managed it.
Loved that Hot Vamp Club track too Kate.

Love that tune Raj, it's just perfect!

I'm sorry but there were a few things I forgot to mention.
Matt Stevens is to headline the acoustic festival in uttoxitter on the 21st of May and Gideons Demise (I played them last week) have a headlining spot at "Dublin Castle" in Camden 23rd April, playing "100 Club" in Oxford St 25th June, and thr "Brook" in Southampton 25th July.
I'll try and remember to give these a mention on the next cast but please remind me if I don't.

So to comment on the Reaj Raj track, I enjoyed it. The intro progression was quite inviting and I wanted to hear where it would go. I did feel a bit of disappointment that there isn't a chorus. Though, I'm sure the songwriter has written a song with a chorus before, and felt this song didn't need one. In short, how can I judge- just an opinion. I thought the variation in the guitar playing did break up what could have been a monotonous song. I would like to hear more from this artist.

Thanks for you comment Lextrical and all power to you and your website, brilliamt tunes.
Matt, I'm a little confused by your comment.

You say that you were disappointed with the lack of chorus but then went on to say that it didn't need one.
I get further confused as Raj's song does have a chorus.
Perhaps I need some more coffee?

The Real Raj was great. Kind of reminded me of Bon Iver who are one of my favourite acoustic-based bands. I'm quite sure I'd pay for an album of his. Off to hear his other music on Reverbnation.

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