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Is This Thing On Podcast 22

Hi, in this weeks podcast I play Kevin Fisher, Sonny, The Wilton Project, Camp Out, The Fierce and the Dead

Tom Caulfield, Nick Tann (me!) and Matt Stevens all got songs reviewed by Swineshead & Napoleon from Watch With Mothers and what wonderful people they are!

As last weeks First Fifteen was a bit of a washout I decided not to play any of them and played the wonderful Sin and Shame by Birminghams own Carvalho instead.

As I mentioned, I don’t get paid for doing this podcast, I do it because I have a passion for independent music.
If you want to help support me buy some of mine or at least grab some for free!
If you like the music you hear from the other artists WHY NOT BUY THEIRS TOO?

This does contain swears, I forgot to tick the “explicit” box and now I can’t find it!

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Hello there.

I want to subscribe to your podcast, but I do not use iTunes (hardcore Linux geek).

You need to put the Podcast URL up somewhere, so us none iTunes guys can get on with it…


Yes, yes it is.

You can play the podcast using the little green player up there.

I'll post up the feed address permanently in a bit

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