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Is This Thing On Podcast 24

In a later than intendepodcast I played Eleven & The Falcons(who have had their Twitter profile hacked), Kidd Russell, Burn, Rainer Straschill, Gideons Demise and a little track from me

Watch With Mothers reviewed Netasyi, Fernwood and Bubonik Funk.




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Once again, a fantastic work – and thanks for having me again!

I'm a little confused about your production flow: why don't you do everything in logic and export as MP3 from there (I'm sure that's possible in Logic? If not, LAME?).

After all, with something you do regularily every week, even saving fifteen minutes or so will sum up over the year to half a day you could spend listening to strange music ;).

Keep up the good work,


Thanks Gideon, it's a great tune.

Rainer, I really don't know! I used to do everything in Logic but then changed to Garageband.

I think you're right. I'll do the next one in Logic.

I liked all the bonus jingles at the end of the show this week. You should consider doing an all-jingle show! 😉

I may do that this week as I will be using Logic instead of Garageband so no time limit. Dig out some of the old ones…

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