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Is This Thing on Podcast 40

In a short and sweet podcast this week I played Haunted StereoSonnyKidd RussellShoulders of GiantsColoured LinesClara Barker (rhymes with Sarah) Apoc told us about another Canadian Band this time it was Ennis and I played a track from my new album.

I ranted about a new crusade I want all original artists you join, the cleverly named “Sound as a Pound. I take no credit for the name, that was thought up by Stu Crane from Wax Ersatz.

I may have sounded a little distracted this week. Firstly from a steam train which passed by about half way through and also by the fact that I was also streaming the podcasts construction using my Ustream channel.

Next week is the jazz special and I will also be announcing the most amazing competition I have ever held.

You will love it!

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Excellent rant about the “free” gigs and I totally get the point that if they can’t be bothered to pay a quid, what are they actually valuing the music as.
A long time ago when I was running a pub someone told me music is too important to have just a “background” and should always be listened to properly. Like Mark E Smith not publishing lyrics on albums in the old vinyl days to make you listen to it, not just read the inner sleeve.

Will catch up on number 41 tomorrow on the train 😉

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