How to submit your tracks to the podcast

Before submitting any music to the show, have a listen to one, just a few minutes so you get an idea what the show is about.

As you will hear, I will play anything I like the sound of. Quality wise, I don’t care if it was recorded on your phone or at Abbey Road, its the music that matters.

If I play your music then share that, it’s more likely I will again! Also the more listeners you can attract, the more popular the show will become creating a bigger audience for your music.

What podcasts have over radio is that podcasts are permanent, they don’t disappear. Each episode is carefully archived and will be available to listen to for eternity … and that’s a mighty long time.

On to the instructions

If you want me to consider playing your original music PLEASE READ THESE EASY INSTRUCTIONS

You must send me an email with your music file as an attachment.


The email address is

The music must have been written and played by you. However if you are a plugger or a representative of the artist then that is cool. NO COVERS PLEASE

The music file must be an mp3 or mp4a and have your name and the title of the piece of music as the file name

eg. Nick Tann-Dont Make Me Wait.mp3

If I play your music I will email you to let you know.

The podcast is global and downloaded all over the planet, the podcast reflects that and I am willing to consider anything despite the recording quality. If you send me a song recorded on a phone I am happy to consider it as I am looking for quality of material and not necessarily perfect studio quality.

The podcast goes out as a webpage and can be played from each post. It is also available on ItunesIs This Thing On Podcast

Also available to listen to on Spotify


When I play your music on a show I email you the details, like your Facebook band page, follow you on Spotify and add you to the Spotify  Is This Thing On Podcast playlist

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