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Is This Thing On Podcast 82

This weeks podcast included a track from the new Planes over Paris album ~ Distant Earth, ‘Til Dusk ~ Honey Just Walk It, The Robbie Boyd Band ~ Orion’s Belt, The Lost Souls Club ~ Your Children Are Safe With Us, Kid Russell ~ Paradise, The Jerk – Tales From the road- Sergio Beercock, The Wilton Project ~ Diana, Will Kriski ~ Kerry’s Jig, The Real Raj ~ Ingenue, the brand new self released single from Kajagoogoo  (yes, THAT Kajagoogoo!)~ Death Defying Headlines and a little track by me.

Paul Lane and I also got a little drunk and talked about These Fine Galleons.


Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 81

Yes , YOU!

Top music as ever this week from Jesta~Scully Says, Belizer~How many times?, Carvalho~ Sin & Shame, Caroline’s Capuchin~Prepare to Fall, By The River~Take Control, Sonny~Fighting Fair and Sigurdór Guðmundsson ~Gengið á Gufunum” (Running on fumes… to be exact ;-).

Paul Lane from  Unplug The Jukebox came in and we put the world right as regards playing gigs for money and covers and that….

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 80

A straight music only podcast this week with very little chat by me. SHAME!

Some old, some new tunes thins week Marc Philipe ~ Red Tears, I am in Love ~ I Want you, The Tony Cannam Set ~ Suzie on a Summers Day, Bernadette Sebastiani ~ Easy to Forget, The Cherry Bluestorms ~ 4 Here, Safari ~ Quicksand, Vendor Defender ~Justin, Al Goodwin ~ The Stone That Bought The Girl, Tim Farrell ~ The Backpacker, April Maybe May ~Lost, Tom Caulfield ~ Catholic Girls, Sand River ~ My Heart is an Open Book, Salme Dahistrom ~ Delicious, King Never ~Sorrow and a little tune by me called Na Na Slide.

I did talk a bit about the podcast stats and my Facebook page but apart from that I just gushed about the great music.

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 79

I’m flying solo this week but managed to get through the hour!

Great tracks from Hot Vamp Club, Gideon’s Demise, Eastern Conference Champions, Frankey, Postcode, The Glass Child, Sophie Peacock and good old me!

Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox came along and waxed, waxed lyrical he did!

In geeks corner I explained why last weeks podcast was late.

There’s a nice little poll to play on, expect more in the future!

Pip Pip

Is This Thing on Podcast

The REAL Is This Thing On Podcast 78

Thanks to the mighty podcasting guru Pete Cogle , I can now bring you Is This Thing on Podcast 78.

This week I am joined by my mate Drew Harris as we trawl, yes TRAWL, through the music. In no particular order we Listen to The One and the Many ~ Come Around, American Hollow ~ Operator, Rieg ~ Runaway, Kay ~ To The Holy, Dead Sea Apes ~ Soy Dios-1, The Milkmen ~ Like a Drug, Mike Vaughan ~ Will We Ever get to Mars?, Pineross ~ Ruins, Fledder John ~ Evolution Song, Wax Ersatz ~ Make a Man out of Me and a little sitar song of mine called No Take Away which is only available here.

I was also chatting to Paul Lane via Skype about some band or other, you’ll have to visit his site for details. This is a pic of us chatting….

I mentioned a gig I had played at The Fighting Cocks, I blogged about it here

Is This Thing on Podcast

A Change To Our Usual Program…

For some reason I can’t get the podcast that I recorded with my mate Drew Harris to work. I’ve tried everything , pretty much so not wanting to leave you with nothing to listen to I have uploaded an old podcast. Is This Thing On 27 from 12th April 2011.

This is how it looked then. I hope all will be back to normal next week until then enjoy…..

In a better late than never podcast this week I played Kodiak Jack, Coloured Lines, Doyle and the Forefathers, John Duffy, Watch With Mothers played Botyov 1791, Matt Taylor and due to an error by me The Hot Vamp Club.

I then finished off with tracks from The Wilton Project and John David Schradar.
A new track off my very reasonably priced  album, now also available as a special issue physical cd and finishing off with the mighty Tom Caulfield.

The every fragrant Watch With Mothers’ Napoleonhas designed a new logo for the podcast.
I hope you like it as you’ll be seeing a lot of it, oh yes.

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This This On Podcast 77 UTJ Special part 2

In part 2, a little more “refreshed” we carry on our journey of showcasing some of the acts that Paul from Unplug the Jukebox has featured in previous episodes.

In this part we play The Rusty Blues, Dead Wax, The Lost Boys and a track by me from my Vinyl Project.

As I wrote this the day after I am glad to report that neither Paul or myself have a hangover. We put this down to the quality of that fine Polish beer Tyskie!

It may be worth noting at this point that Is This This On podcast is looking for sponsors….

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 77 UTJ Special part 1

Yes it’s another Unplug the Jukebox Special! This week Paul Lane joins me from Unplug the Jukebox for a podcast so packed we had to make it in two parts!

Helped largely by cans of wonderful Polish Tyskie beer we waxed lyrical, ranted,  raved and generally spouted.

In this part we played full unadulterated tracks and by The Rising, Mash Attack, Curxes, Butterflies on Strings, The Douglas Firs, Bourdeauxxx and the mighty Marvin B Naylor as well as mentioning Marvin’s brilliant Diary of A Busker blog.

Part 2 is well…drunker….

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 76

Because I had a gig to play tonight, this weeks episode is a little late.

All the usual stuff including a Skype conversation with Paul Lane from unplug the jukebox plus some great music from Dead Social Club Syrian Kisses, Ask Alfie and Karaoke, a live Liz Longley track – Go On,  an exclusive track from The Fierce and the Dead – 10×10, a Japanese masterpiece from Lite with Image gam, Sounds under Radio with Effigy and good egg Paul Liddel with Dial tone. I played another track from my vinyl Project but you’ll have to listen to find out which one!

Is This Thing on Podcast

It This Thing On Podcast 75

In a classy podcast full of high morals I (with a little help from Izzy) bring you Helen Austin, David Cevoli, Tann-Starr (not me), Kidd Russell,  that other live acoustic track from The Rising and Shinsei Kamatachan.

Paul from Unplug the Jukebox came along and waxed lyrical about some band or other.

I asked the question “What have you lost that you want back” and got some very interesting answers. I also read out the results of my submission to the Music Xray focus group with hilarious consequences!