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Nick’s tracks of the year 2023

In my favourite tracks of the year you will hear

Atari Pilot – Train of Life, Granfallon – Please Write Responsibly, Imperial Leisure – Tomorrow Tomorrow Through the Mountain, Chaz Jankel – Water, The Zealots – Idle Skies, Ned Ashcroft – Softness, Elly O’Keefe – The Other Side Of The Storm, Alex Nicol – Eye For An Eye, Sadie Elizabeth – The Bank Robber Song, Darcy Winter – Fickle Heart, Rachel Sage – Flowers For Free, Klemens Harrigan – Step By Step, Jay Groovara – Just Call, MAdame Claude Jelly Legs, Unfurl – Sleeping Rocks, Mica Sinclair – Brightest, Cara Hammon – Borderline, Nick Tann and The Whole Family – I Believe in Love

Did I miss any of your favourites?

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