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Is This Thing On 158 XMAS SPECIAL


Is This Thing On Podcast

As a special treat I have compiled 4 of my favourite interviews of the year including one as yet unheard!

Firstly I interview that Grant Sharkey from Toupe and other amazing things, then the effervescent Melissa James. After a little interlude courtesy of King Never and the best Xmas song ever, I then chat with the now London based Bela Takes Chase finishing off with a recent interview with German legend Rainer Straschill 

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Is This Thing On Podcast lite

Is This Thing On Lite #2 Jazz

Is This Thing On lite

This is the second in a  series of mini podcasts aimed at being inserted as a feature in existing podcasts and radio shows and  lasts just five minutes.

It features three tracks played on the Is This Thing On Podcast 41 Jazz Special.

First off is Sigurdor Guomundsson with his amazing tune that translates into English as “Running on Empty”

Second is one of mine “Can’t Get Happy” taken from my album Life is a River

I finish off with the great Rainier Straschill who I inadvertently call “Rainier”. He is a prince though!

This feed is still in the experimental stage. If you can subscribe and give your opinions and any advice etc I would be most grateful and I hope you enjoy


This has now been inserted into the legendary podcaster Richard Vobes daily podcast

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing on podcast 41 JAZZ Special

Ok Jazzers, have I got a podcast for you?

Packed full of lovely jazz from he likes of Sunna Gunnlaugs from Iceland, The Jason Parker Quartet from Seattle USA, Rainier Straschill from Germany, Fleeting Silence from the USA, Sigurdor Guomundsson from Iceland, The Matt Erion Trio from the USA and me from good old England!

I sound a bit tired because I was so ignore me and listen to the music.