Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On 158 XMAS SPECIAL


Is This Thing On Podcast

As a special treat I have compiled 4 of my favourite interviews of the year including one as yet unheard!

Firstly I interview that Grant Sharkey from Toupe and other amazing things, then the effervescent Melissa James. After a little interlude courtesy of King Never and the best Xmas song ever, I then chat with the now London based Bela Takes Chase finishing off with a recent interview with German legend Rainer Straschill 

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Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing on Podcast 97

Indeed I can…

Still away on holiday I carry on in a similar vein from last weeks episode.

I play a new tune from Coloured Lines ~ Love Lost Light pt2, then some older tracks from Haunted Stereo ~ Cant You See My Side, Late Riser ~ Dick Logic, May KB ~ Conquer, King Never ~ Kitchen Sink Drama, Salme Dahistrom ` C’mon Y’all, Wax Ersatz ~ Make A Man Out Of Me, We Sell Seashells ~ Bad Monkey, Tom Caulfield ~ Good You Got Away, Kidd Russell ~ East North East Avenue, Ex Libras ~ Teenage Eyes and an old track by my old band People.

I chucked in another Watch With Mothers review thing just for kicks.

Normal service will be resumed next week…..probably.

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 89

Yes, that’s what it looks like!

A slightly drunk podcast this week, well it is summer and all!

Played some great tunes including The Travis Waltons ~ Millionaire, Good King Friday ~ A Simple Choice, Jason Parker Quartet ~Mance’s Dance, Lewis MacLean ~ A Better Place, April Maybe May ` Sugar & Mess, King Never ~ Sorrow, The Spiraltones  & a track by good old me I’m Gonna Break Your Heart.

Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox gave tongue to The Queue and also his opinion on last weeks podcast.

I’d say, all in all a blooming good show.

Is This Thing on Podcast

This Thing IS On!!


Yes, I have finally got my arse into gear and now the compilation cd is ready!!


This is what you get

Camp Out ~ Make Myself Sick ~

Matt Stevens ~ Burned Out Car ~

The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Fear of Gravity ~

Tim Farrell ~ The Backpacker ~

Gideon’s Demise ~ Fusion ~

Allen Wentz ~ Psychotic ~

Amaya Huntley ~ Regrets ~

Bubonic Funk ~ Position of Power ~

Tom Caulfield ~ Miss Valentine ~

Paul Liddell ~ Ghost Car ~

Nick Tann ~ Life is a River ~

King Never ~ The City ~

Tom Bishel ~ The Feeling of Home ~


All tracks beautifully mastered by Matt McCabe at

All these tracks for only £5 plus postage

So now you want to buy it yes?

Just click on the picture below and you will be whisked away to paypal as if by magic!



Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 80

A straight music only podcast this week with very little chat by me. SHAME!

Some old, some new tunes thins week Marc Philipe ~ Red Tears, I am in Love ~ I Want you, The Tony Cannam Set ~ Suzie on a Summers Day, Bernadette Sebastiani ~ Easy to Forget, The Cherry Bluestorms ~ 4 Here, Safari ~ Quicksand, Vendor Defender ~Justin, Al Goodwin ~ The Stone That Bought The Girl, Tim Farrell ~ The Backpacker, April Maybe May ~Lost, Tom Caulfield ~ Catholic Girls, Sand River ~ My Heart is an Open Book, Salme Dahistrom ~ Delicious, King Never ~Sorrow and a little tune by me called Na Na Slide.

I did talk a bit about the podcast stats and my Facebook page but apart from that I just gushed about the great music.

Is This Thing on Podcast

The REAL Is This Thing On Podcast 78

Thanks to the mighty podcasting guru Pete Cogle , I can now bring you Is This Thing on Podcast 78.

This week I am joined by my mate Drew Harris as we trawl, yes TRAWL, through the music. In no particular order we Listen to The One and the Many ~ Come Around, American Hollow ~ Operator, Rieg ~ Runaway, Kay ~ To The Holy, Dead Sea Apes ~ Soy Dios-1, The Milkmen ~ Like a Drug, Mike Vaughan ~ Will We Ever get to Mars?, Pineross ~ Ruins, Fledder John ~ Evolution Song, Wax Ersatz ~ Make a Man out of Me and a little sitar song of mine called No Take Away which is only available here.

I was also chatting to Paul Lane via Skype about some band or other, you’ll have to visit his site for details. This is a pic of us chatting….

I mentioned a gig I had played at The Fighting Cocks, I blogged about it here

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 70

In a packed show this week I play Eastleigh’s sons Broken Links ~ What Are We Waiting For?, Ben Willmott ~ On The Beach, Stone Them Crows ~ Joker In The Pack,

I had a lovely chat with Helen Austin all the way in Vancouver Island and played her tune Take Me Away. Then Coloured Lines ~ Read Between the Lines, Andrew Foster and a song I recorded when he was here a few weeks ago Panic Moon, SRM and his great tune ~Iron Lung Blues, The Spiraltones ~ Lost Weekend, May KB and her beautiful tune The Storm. A perfect tune in Sorrow from show favourites King Never.

I finish off with a live version of Push II the theme music at the top of each podcast since 2008.


Keep the faith!