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Is This Thing On Podcast Episode 159 New Year Special

Nick Tann - £2 pound coin
Nick Tann – £2 pound coin

Is This Thing On Podcast
Yes, the results are in. This weeks New Years Special was voted for by the great unwashed i.e. your good selves, well some of you!

All artists that received over 1 vote were added to this weeks playlist and include these fine and talented folk: Grant Sharkey, The Cherry Bluestorms, Anja McCloskey, Emily Wolfe, Marvin B Naylor, The Fierce & The Dead, Liz Longley, Paul Liddell, Bela Takes Chase, Stuart McNair, Sean McGowan, Postcode, Clara Barker, Matt Stevens, Helen Austin, Nick Tann….of course!

Thanks for all that voted and for all of you that have taken the time to listen week after week. You are all helping support new music just by doing that.

More next week and if you are just reading this wondering which tracks I actually played then all you have to do is BLOODY LISTEN!



Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 145

British male Nick Tann
British male Nick Tann

Hi all, another wonderful collection of some of the best music ever recorded!

This week you are treated to Bela Takes Chase ~ Eye Pennies, Ruined Machines ~ Ode to the Plausible  Past, Rayne ~ Raise The Alarm, Mailman ~ To The Last, One Cat Broke ~ Bile, The Cryptics ~ She Saves The Day, Annie ~ If You’re Gunna Get Broke, Paul Liddell ~ Ghost Car, Last Child Dancing ~ The Balcony, Kevin Fisher~ Losing You, Mike Rofe ~ The Ocean, Martha’s Man ~ Never The Same and a demo from me Nick Tann Guy on the Internet which is looking for someone to play it as, although I wrote it, I am not that keen on it for my set. Any suggestions?



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Is This Thing On Podcast 104

NIck Tann
NIck Tann

A lovely band episode this week featuring in no particular order Burning Shapes ~ Silence Amplifies, The Carousel ~ Thelma, Jamie & The Portraits ~ What a Croc, Haunted Stereo ~ Can You See My Side?, Indigo Earth ~ Cold Light of Day, These Fine Galleons ~ The Entity, Shoulders of Giants ~Code of a Madman, SandRiver ~ The Reprisal (Kid Dust pt2), Postcode ~ Drop Dead & Paul Liddell ~ Boots.

I chatted with Dave Miles from A Cup of Tea and a Piece of Cake fame, played an old song of mine performed by my old band and made mention of my brand new album that you should all buy!

What’s not to like??

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Bought On-Line by Nick Tann</a>

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 99

In this weeks episode I played Rebecca Mcintee ~ Goodbye, Transmission Party ~ You’re My Lighthouse, Y(G) Lyamking ~ Ancient Spy, Black Mamba ~ Head Space, Woven Bird ~ Saw You In Two, Paul Liddell ~ Boots, Steve Swindell ~ Spinning Around, Tony Wallace Turtle & Crab, Shoulders of Giants ~ Code of a Madman, Lost Souls Club ~ Romeo, The Rebs ~ Always in a Heartbeat, Jon Gommin ~Passionflower and a nice little tune by me, good old Nick Tann.

WARNING. I may have rambled a bit……

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 96

I am away on holiday so this podcast is appearing through the magic that is time travel. As I haven’t had many new tracks sent, I have taken the opportunity to go back and play some of the tracks that I played at the very start of the podcasts history.

I played The Wilton Project ~ Diana, The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Diana, Sonny ~ Something in the Water, Sigurdor Guomundsson ~ Gengi? á Gufunum, Paul Liddell ~ Ghost Car, Will Kriski ~ Metal Mayhem, Liz Longley ~ Rush and an old Drunk On Logic Version of All I Think About Is You.

I slipped in an old Watch With Mothers song review, remember them?

Lots of things associated with this podcast will have happened automatically but don’t be fooled, I am in Portugal.

More pre recorded fun next week!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 91

A music saturated podcast this week with tracks from Passenger ~The Shape Of Love, The Scene Continental ~ Oscar Romeo Hostel, Clockwise ~ Rich & Famous, Laura Day~ Heaven in Youth, Tragic O’Hara ~ Have Mercy, Mak Woven ~ Give Me The Wind, Paul Liddell ~ Brighter Light, The Visitors ~ Humming in your Dreams, Tom Bishel ~The Feeling of Home and a demo of mine that might make it on to my new album “Chemicals”

Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox said very nice things about Doyle & The Fourfathers and I urged you all to vote for me at as the podcast has been nominated for European Podcast of the Year.

Is This Thing on Podcast

This Thing IS On!!


Yes, I have finally got my arse into gear and now the compilation cd is ready!!


This is what you get

Camp Out ~ Make Myself Sick ~

Matt Stevens ~ Burned Out Car ~

The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Fear of Gravity ~

Tim Farrell ~ The Backpacker ~

Gideon’s Demise ~ Fusion ~

Allen Wentz ~ Psychotic ~

Amaya Huntley ~ Regrets ~

Bubonic Funk ~ Position of Power ~

Tom Caulfield ~ Miss Valentine ~

Paul Liddell ~ Ghost Car ~

Nick Tann ~ Life is a River ~

King Never ~ The City ~

Tom Bishel ~ The Feeling of Home ~


All tracks beautifully mastered by Matt McCabe at

All these tracks for only £5 plus postage

So now you want to buy it yes?

Just click on the picture below and you will be whisked away to paypal as if by magic!



Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 76

Because I had a gig to play tonight, this weeks episode is a little late.

All the usual stuff including a Skype conversation with Paul Lane from unplug the jukebox plus some great music from Dead Social Club Syrian Kisses, Ask Alfie and Karaoke, a live Liz Longley track – Go On,  an exclusive track from The Fierce and the Dead – 10×10, a Japanese masterpiece from Lite with Image gam, Sounds under Radio with Effigy and good egg Paul Liddel with Dial tone. I played another track from my vinyl Project but you’ll have to listen to find out which one!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 64

is this thing on podcast 64
is this thing on podcast 64

This is the first podcast that is totally hosted and fed by this website. It’s a farewell to podbean an the old website and hello to all you wonderful new folks as well as a welcome back to all the faithful folk who have followed me so far.

In this weeks podcast I played Vendor Defender Passing, Liz Longley and her great new tune Unraveled, Rainer Straschill Dema, Phote, Kersei, Big Block 454 Blind Jack of Knaresborough, Wax Ersatz Come Home, Faux Disco Club ft Lily Recovery, The Sons of Horses Wondering Why, Paul Liddell Monsoon, Bex Underdog, Postcode Broke Your Fucking Heart, The Cherry Bluestrorms 4 Here and I finished of with a live version of One Night Stand (glad you came)

I hope you enjoy the new site. You can subscribe to the website and have each new post delivered by email bu entering the address in the little box on the right.

You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the iTunes pic on the right.

Have a click around the artists sites. Most of the artists sell their tunes at a very cheep rate and often free.

Support Independent Artists!!

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 62 Xmas Special Part Two

Part two does start, eventually after about 12 seconds, sorry about that but there were technical problems with this one.

Apoc told us the tale of a Canadian Xmas followed by the mighty Matt Stevens with his Xmas address. A great track Fearless by ITTO fave Paul Liddell then Repeat by Tommy Eye (ft Matt Diaper), Odin the Great by Defy 4Unravelling from Liz Longley, a tune from me which you can download for a £1 by clicking hereSarah Griffin bought us close to the end with her brilliant tune poet and the whole chaotic festive jumble was bought to an end by The Lost Boys and their cracking tune I don’t want to be a Christmas Single.

That’s it for this year, the next podcast will hopefully go live in a couple of weeks so keep checking all the usual places.

The new website is close to being completed. You can now catch up with podcast 15 to the present day now with each episode having it’s own little player. Have a look around as it will be the new permanent home very soon.

Hope you have a great time over the holiday and I’ll be back in the new year.