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Is This Thing on Podcast – Steve Lowis Special

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Yes my chilly willies, it’s another special this time the fragrant Steve Lowis came and spoke to us about his new album “Chapter” it is rather wonderful and you should go and buy it BUT BEFORE you do have a listen to this. Steve explains what it is all about and what drives him  and all that wonderful worthy stuff


Steve website with pictures and allsorts

You can buy Steve’s wonderful album with all the trimmings click click click


Nick Tann

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 90

A kind of Eastleigh Festival of Music Special…..

Paul Lane and myself discuss the event and play music form some of the people who played including Andrew Foster, Anja McCloskey, The Real Raj, The Last Child Dancing, Toupe, Steve Lowis, Woven Bird and good old me, Nick Tann.

Should be a normal show next week, what ever one of those

Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This thing On Podcast 72

After a very tiring weekend I bring you some of the best music on the planet, namely The Statler Project ~ Been In Your Streets, Fit & The Conniptions ~ Sweet Sister Starlight, The Travis Waltons – Milliionaire, Matt Erion Orchestra ~ Reach (Simon Brown’s choice),  The Fierce & The Dead, The Real Raj ~ Safe & Sound, Steve Picken ~ High Hopes, Anja McCloskey ~ Stephanie (whose diary from America you can find at (, Steve Lowis and a track by me dedicated to all the people who supported me yesterday as I recorded the 8 tracks for my Vinyl Project.