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Just like that, this weeks podcast and it’s a corker.

After a new track from me it’s my tip for 2015, powerful and evocative Little Brother Eli – Who Do You?, picking up where Eddie and the Hotrods left off and bringing it right up to date The Silver Bayonets – Schemes. If Peter Gabriel had stayed with Genesis and listened to a few Jacques Brel records he would have come up with something like the enigmatic Marvin B Naylor‘s new single Brief Encounter. My last two tracks Wolfe Sunday – Botany Bay (if Axle Rose had picked up an acoustic guitar and wrote folky punk songs) and ending with my number one and number 2 French punk band H.O.Z. and one of my favourite tracks from their album Ain’t Got No Woman. What a show!




Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 186


Due to the fact that I am stupidly busy I only have a limited time to actually put a podcast together this weeks episode will feature me…yup just me and my music. Well, also my music as played by the band People from years gone by.

It’s taken me 185 episodes to have one featuring just me, how come I didn’t think of it before?!?!?!?!

You will hear Can’t Stop Missing You, All I Think About Is You, Don’t, 3 am, That Woman, The Day After The Night Before, Life Is A River, Sadder Than Sad, You Treat Me Mean followed by tracks by PEOPLE namely Gimme Some Of That, One Night Stand, Jackie Who, She’s Gone, Time And Time Again and One Giant Loop. 




Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 86

A tired and slightly hungover podcast this week. The first three tracks were Mailman ~ The Ones That Got Away, Nen.TE. Psudo ~ Doucement, The Cherry Bluestorms ~ Her Mirror Cracked.

There then followed an interview with the fantastic Anja McClosky, who spoke about her recent tour of America as well as other bits and pieces of her musical life.

Anja was also kind enough to perform an amazing new song ~ Kiss.

After that I played stunning tracks from Marvin B Naylor ~ Alice & Maryanne.

I shot the breeze with Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox about the band Something Beginning With L. I then rounded of proceedings with Eastern Conference Champions ~Bloody Bell and a track of mine with Anja accompanying  me on accordion ~ The Day After The Night Before.