Is This Thing On Podcast 176


To find out more about the original of this painting “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt visit this fine website

Hiya and here we all are full of the joys of spring!

I actually DO play Al Goodwin ~ The Stone That Brought The Girl, Dan Whitehouse ~ They care for You, Indigo Earth ~ Forces Shatter, Richard Maule ~ Circles, WoodenBox ~ Courage, Sigurdòr Guomundsson ~ Gengio à Gutunum, Calvin Roche ~ Show Me How To Breath, Welcome Pariah ~ Neither Here Nor There, Sunna Gunnlaugs ~ Anima, Juana Ghani ~Raise Your Glass, Nick Tann ~ Crazy Momma, Will Kriski ~ Metal Mahem, Presley Johnson ~ Anita’s Last Dance

Hopeful see some of you at my gig in Reykjavik at the Bar next Saturday the 4th May.


This my my new video from the future YouTube Preview Image

Is This Thing On Podcast