Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 84

On time this week and Izzy kept me company.

I played Vega ~ Taiga, Fez ~ Lowlight, Cantaloop ~ Chocolate, Lucas Raye ( it was Lucas, I checked) ~ Fire, Marvin B Naylor ~ Boy Became a Man (click here to read Marvin’s Dairy of a Busker) Broken Links ~ the Fine Line Between Choice and Decay, Clockwise ~ You Are A Star and a brand new track by me.

Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox chatted via Skype about All These Shapes.

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That Russian one’s good, and Cal Owen and the one you did in the pub’s good, too. Next time, try busking on the Hungerford Bridge…see how long it is till some CPSO comes along. Man Alive!

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