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Is This Thing On Podcast 115

Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast
Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast

A little bit sweary this week as I get a bit passionate about independent music. Amazing tracks form Alma ~ Scraps, Pineross ~ Ruins, Safari ~ Quicksand, Shoulders of Giants ~ Code of a Madman, Wax Ersatz ~ Make a Man out of Me, Tony Wallace ~ Turtle  Crab, Lite ~ Image Game, Broken Links ~ Substitute Yourself, For the Future – Jeff Green and a track I wrote in conjunction with BP Perry for the Hot Potatoes Podcast.

I mentioned that you may wish to purchase This Thing Is On a compilation cd of some of the best music played on the podcast, just click anywere on this sentence to be whisked stright to it.

I also suggested clicking on a link so DO IT!!




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I got stopped in my tracks listening to this week’s podcast at the mention of one of my favourite ex-bands – BrandX – and the subsequent amazing guitar playing of Jeff Green. He’s a skilled guitarist/musician with a style/sound, as Nick suggests, very reminiscent of BrandX. I turned the volume up to 11 and indulged. Thanks for continuing to find these great artists Nick.

Muchas gracias for playing Broken Links Nick!!

For anyone interested, we’re finishing off our début album, should be ready by the end of the week…..and we’re already working hard on the 2nd!!!

Hopefully will be trekking around the UK on tour in May/June!!

Keeping listening to the podcast people!

Would be great to catch up with you on the tour Mark. Make sure you keep us informed of the dates etc.

Great episode, that tune Slipstream is a hit, will deffo try to see the man live!!
Oliver Eves was the name, right?

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