Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing on Podcast 139

Nick Tann is this thing on podcast
Nick Tann is this thing on podcast

Jack Daniels had more than a little influence tonight but all for the good!
Is This Thing On Podcast

As well as music from Tim Somerfield ~ There There (my dear), Sarah Kilili ~ Dutchman, The Little Unsaid ~ Blankets, Tzuriel Kastel ~ Not Alone, Helicopter Quartet _ Frida, The Dead Social Club ~ Let Love Die, Jim Byrne ~ Empty Chair, The Fierce and The Dead ~ On VHS, David Simnel ~ Blackbird Takes a Dive and a little tune by me Nick Tann there is also an interview with the very lovely Melissa James  talking about her new album.

All good nothing bad!


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Thanks for playing ‘Two Empty Chairs’. For those looking for more good music, this song is from my latest CD, ‘The Innocent’ available on iTunes, my own website and other good retailers and e-tailors.

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