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Is This Thing On – Independent Music Podcast – Music in the City Special



A special Music In The City edition of the show this week. All these fine artists are playing. For more details about the festival click here

Is This Thing On Podcast

Superdrone – Made Out Of Suns – THE WEIGH HOUSE 5PM

The Empty Frets – Things I do Well – METRICKS CAFE 2PM

 Accrington Stanley – Couples – THE WEIGH HOUSE VAULT 6PM

 Pammie Moore – This Isn’t Love – KING JOHN PALACE 5PM

Yazzy Chamberlain – One Last Time – MARLANDS SHOPPING CENTRE

Zen Juddhism – Am I Alive? – THE WEIGH HOUSE VAULTS 1PM

Lucy Kitchen – Sun To My Moon – DANCING MAN BREWERY 5PM

Dan O’Farrell – Selfie Stick – THE PLATFORM TAVERN 1.30

Sombrero Fallout – The Rivets of Eclesiasties – THE UNDERCROFT 1.30PM

Nick Tann – Sadder Than Sad – THE SS SHEILDHALL 1PM

The Horse – Z.O.B.B. – THE CASTLE VAULT 2.40

The Slack 5 – On Hold – THE PLATFORM TAVERN 2.50 

Neil Anderson – Some Dance – THE GRAND CAFE 5.30

MITC 2015

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