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Nick Tann’s Is This Thing On Podcast Friends Special #1

Is This Thing On Podcast

I just thought I would try and fit in a quick one before the end of July and this is it!

Everyone who I feature in this weeks show I have met in person. It is #1 as I think I have enough other artists to do a follow up show or two.

So this one features tracks and a short story of how we met, when I remember.

Matt Blake – ?, MArvin B Naylor – Spaceships There Are, Avital Raz – Blues of the Ugly Sister, Dave Miles – ?, Jamie R Hawkins – Denial, MAtt Stevens – Burned Out Car, Steve Lowis – Tricks, The Travis Waltons – Bright Eyes, Nick Tann – Never Did Me Harm (Live at the Joiners)


Nick Tann

Nick Tann Trio


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