Is This Thing on Podcast


Another show where I am joined by the ubiquitous Chris Smith which will be the fashion from now on. Two new tunes this week which means that I can dip in to the vault to bring you some of my favourite songs from past shows. New tunes are Klammer – Brocken Dreams In a Crashing Car, The Scaramanga Six – Big Ideas with Atari Pilot – Wrong Captain, The Travis Waltons – The Antagonist, Sand River – The Reprisal Kid being plucked from podcasts past. It’s a seriously good show…

Is This Thing on Podcast Panel

July July


Lucky to have Flis Pitman join Chris Smith and myself for another panel show with music from The Final Clause of Tacitus – War Elephant, Kmodo – When You’re Ready, Tre Fo Boyz – Boyz in the Hood, Michael James – Solicitus, Atari Pilot – Wrong Captain, NoPrism – House of Smith, Little Brother Eli – Perfect, Nick Tann – Coming Home (instrumental)

All good