Is This Thing on Podcast


So dear listener, a treat for you this time, a feast of bloody manhood in the pleasing shapes of Matt Kassell (April Maybe May & Emker Cel), Chris Smith (local promoter) and Lewis Jones (another local promoter) giving their opinions on the fine tracks I plucked out of the treasure chest of musical delights this month.

These fine examples of men give their opinions on Freya Ward – 1 Way Trip to Mars, New Luna – Prunus, Azz – I’m Not Ready, The Mojo Slide – Good Times, Those Fucking Snowflakes – Weak Me Fear Strong Women, Burning Condors – Twisted Kind of Bliss, Bella Beauts – Emotions, FlashFires – Quicker Than The Eye and one of mine NaNA Slide to finish things off.

I’m already compiling a list of other interested parties who are interested in appearing in the the next episode. So if you like this format let me know.