Is This Thing on Podcast

Is This Thing On Podcast 101

Now the dust has settled on episode 100, 101 is biting at its heels with some of the best music on the planet!

in no particular order I played Mummy Short Arms ~ Change, No Snow No Alps ~ Lumerino, Catscans ~ Killing Fields, For Abel ~ Yorkshire, Miniature Dinosaur (not Alligator!), Ryan Peel~ What am I missing ?, Russell Morgan and Jesper Ejrup ~ Holding on to You and a live song from me How Can It Be Wrong?

I also mentioned This Thing is on! A compilation of some of the best tunes played on the podcast…Click here and see what you can get for, frankly, peanuts..

Paul Lane from unplug the jukebox came and talked about Weird Shapes and  Chris Devotion & the Expectations.

Dave Miles from BCFM started the first of a brand new feature on the Bristol music. We played a live track from Cue Fanfare recorded for his show A Cup of Tea and a Piece of Cake. This track as well as many others is available to hear on the official Cup of Tea and a Piece of Cake website.

How about that little lot then?