Is This Thing on Podcast

Here comes the …. last podcast in June

An amazing array of fresh new music from all over the planet this week including news singles from This Blue Falcon – Prohibition Park and the stunningly good Anatoli Tsampa – Only a Stranger which will all be featured on my new podcast, if you are interested in listening to some more podcasts after mine is over, then check out these positive podcasts. Gumshoe – When They Start to Ignite, wowed me and Lillimure – Something, makes me want to visit New York. I played Doyle and The Forefathers – When Will The Children Learn, as a small tribute to BEn Clark who sadly died a couple of weeks ago. I gave favourites of the show Dakka Shanks – Skinhead Boy a spin, what a track and what a band! I’m getting more and more into Guy Siv – Agnicity, I wonder why….? I managed to jam one of my tracks in Nick Tann – Safe Harbour from my album Authentic still available from my website. AND not forgetting the final track (thanks Ian) the wonderful Lillimure – Something .All in all a great show although I don’t think I was at my best presenting wise… Never mind the music is fab!

Oh and I’m playing a gig next week… See?